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July 13, 2021

There’s a vulnerability to love

We’re meant to break our heart over and over again
He said
Before his mouth met mine in agreement.
There’s a vulnerablilty to love –
a fear rocking,
soul shaking,
gut wrenching,
hold your breath before the exhale type of vulnerability.
It’s a permission slip to
open me,
stretch me,
break me,
fuck me,
love me,
leave me.
And maybe it just gets easier over time, and I wont hold my breath but breathe deeply and fully into the depths of the unknown.
Give myself permission
To be seen naked,
without expectation.
Wait for the dirt to settle.
Ride the waves.
There’s still love here
But maybe I shouldn’t say that…
There’s still love here.
But maybe I was too much…
There’s still love here.
But maybe…
I’m still here.
There’s still love here
From me
To me.
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