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July 13, 2021


To be whole is to invite all parts of me into my house, not just the ones I like or are accepted in someone else’s house.

I’m talking about inviting the parts of me that feel broken, used, neglected, abused, shamed and unworthy – into my house.

Not closing the door on them but not letting them roam around rent free either.

Listening to them.
Sitting with them.
Holding them.
Crying with them.
Unpacking them.
Discovering the root of them.

Inviting them all to my table to eat and drink them up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Yes – even THAT, even WHEN, even THERE.

Trauma has a way of communicating with me to bring me deeper into mySelf.

My ability to heal is about my ability to feel.

The more I can feel and invite in, the more whole I become. My house starts to feel like a home.

I can rest here.
I am safe here.

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