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August 31, 2021

Lost Dog? Energy Tools to the Rescue!

Photo by Daniel Frank on Pexels.

“But she was just here!”

The dog sitter lost my dog.  

She had been on FaceTime with her daughter for just 10 minutes when my Havanese slipped out the door. Or did she? Tilly was prone to hiding under beds and sofas. So was she hiding inside or did she wander out into the busy streets of Pasadena?

Within moments, everyone sprang into action. My husband ran down the street calling her name. My dog sitter jumped into the car and called the shelter to put out an APB. And what did I do? I did nothing.

I stood frozen looking at a four-way intersection. Do I run in the opposite direction from my husband? Or would she go into the alley and the garbage cans behind the houses? Which way would Tilly go? She’s old after all. And she can’t see or hear very well. What would catch her eye?

It was nearly noon and the sun was scorching. The large busy thoroughfare at the end of the street loomed large over me. My fearful thoughts created in me the emotions of helplessness, overwhelm, and despair. And my emotions rendered me unable to make a decision.

And then suddenly I remembered my innate power!  And I did what any one of us can do in any circumstance . . . I used my energy tools. 

I stood silent in the middle of the sidewalk and I called all my energy back to me. I imagined a magnet in the center of my head magnetizing all the energy that I had left scattered back in the past and forward into the future into this present moment in time. I knew that I would be the most powerful with all of my energy within me in this present moment.

I created a golden lasso and tied it to my waist (think Wonder Woman) and I went out into time and space and tied the other end around Tilly’s neck. Just in case she had lost her collar, I decided the best course of action would be to tie it to her neck and not to her pink Star Wars collar. I tied us together firmly with the golden lasso.

Then I grounded her right where she was. I imagined a grounding cord attached from her root chakra straight to the center of the earth. And I surrounded her in a bubble of light. Then I called in a guardian (in this case I called in St. Francis – Protector of Animals) to watch over her and guide her to us. I asked for help from anyone who was available. And I asked for her to come back to us if it was for our highest and best good. 

And then I took a deep breath in. And a deep breath out. And I felt calm and centered. All the fear was gone. I just had to wait for the Universe to play it out.

And suddenly I saw my husband sprinting down the street. He said some painters several houses down had seen a little dog trotting down the street five minutes ago.

He jumped in the car to go around the block. I ran down the street and miraculously, every house seemed to be under renovation. There were numerous painters working up and down the street. They all pointed in the same direction. The last painter pointed to a house at the end of the block. “She went in there,” he said.

And lo and behold, my husband texted me at that moment to tell me he had found Tilly, safe and sound, in the backyard of that house.

I quietly untied the golden halo from her neck, thanked all of the guides who appeared as painters in disguise, and exhaled a sigh of gratitude and appreciation to St. Francis. I took a deep breath in.  And I took a long deep breath out. Then I hugged Tilly with all of my might.

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