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August 16, 2021

Moon in Sagittarius in opposition to NorthNode

#moon in #Sagittarius in opposition to #NorthNode

Venus enters Libra 0 * in sextile to MC in the critical 26 * degree of Cancer, calling your attention to an opportunity that presents itself to open your heart and take away your fear, through a crisis. You may be squaring Quaoar and Pholus, and you may have to observe familiar material that rises to the surface as a result of an impulsive act.

Perhaps your intention was to teach a lesson that would establish your status within the relationship; the trines with Chariklo, Ceres, and Black Lilith, smooth the healing process to take care of your own needs when you absolutely rebel against the denied. The trine with Pluto is clearly a healing transformation that benefits both of you. It is clearly a matter of maturity; let wisdom emerge.

The main theme in this lesson that you are learning in the reflection of the other is the value of clarity, inspiration, healing through art, the value of sacrifice necessary so that unconditional love can flow and you can transcend in reflection of the soul – true healing.The lunation in Sagittarius begins a process of emotional freedom, not easy as thought continues to challenge action, and actions seem to create more conflict – surely because you are reacting to your ideas, instead of feeling and guiding yourself by the sensations in your body. .

It will help you focus your mind on the breath to purify the process. It is a critical moment and you are concerned about how your decisions affect your public image, but do not doubt that this will also pass and if you managed to avoid dramatic egocentricity you can consider it a triumph and focus on your heart, until you feel good in your own skin. and you can thus take care of and cultivate your ideals and your talents in the evolution of your personal power.

What the other is teaching you is that you have not been taking care of your own needs, or perhaps your rebellion has been too aggressive when what you feel is denied. All part of this great healing of your internal child (Chiron).When you feel that you are not evolving, and you want to cling to the past, understand that this is your fear of feeling and that is why you do not want to let go of what is familiar. Perhaps opening your heart to the other will help you understand where the best path to the future is. And with the moon in Sagittarius, clearly it is about aligning to a single truth in the search for meaning and defining together a new perspective that helps you feel free. And not only to feel … this lunation accentuates the axis of communication.

You will know that you have succeeded, because you will be able to communicate how you feel about this important topic … with freedom.May you purify your #karma by making decisions that benefit all of humanity.

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