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August 16, 2021

The initiation of Venus in Libra

The initiation of #Venus in #Libra
Your spiritual goal, the evolutionary path of #consciousness, has made you realized the importance to close the doors of #perception and thought for the soul to complete its conquest of the “illusion” in which we find ourselves.
We have had to see the reality of a disappointment or confusion in a practical way, because now it is time to transfigure it. In the 1 * degree Libra reveals to the intuitive consciousness the essential character of the next cycle.
We have reached the autumnal equinox, a symbolic time that reminds us to collect crops in preparation for Winter. The ideal of these times seems to be the #transhuman person, for many the true initiate, the perfect one through sacrifice. And there is the illusion / disappointment of which the initiation of Venus into Libra – the planet of justice and harmony through beauty and the art of living in balance with oneself, speaks to us through the harmony that is to live with the other.
The love that is collectively projected on the mirror of each other. The key in this era of #Aquarius initiative will be to give a clear meaning to the word “Transhumanism” – as there will be those who want to convince you that it refers to #artificial intelligence and the implementation of #man-augmented intelligence. But let’s not forget the lesson Libra in Virgo taught us: perfection is a matter of purification of the mind; and what is pure exists in its most elemental expression, in its own cosmic nature. Mercury and Mars, in conjunction, continue in Virgo purifying thought and actions, because the most courageous, intelligent and integral idea is that in reality the human individual is merely SACRED.
Think of Jesus or Gotama, Muhammad or Bahau’la and their teachings. Open-hearted love and compassion are the ultimate description of #perfection. The question for you in this cycle of Venus in Libra then is: How open is your heart? How much coherence is there in electromagnetic #nature between your #mind and #heart? Are you vibrating what you feel and feeling what you think? … Now that you are aware… raise #coherence… it’s not only just about #frequency anymore; it is also about #resonance with each other, as we create a balanced, just, and beautiful harmonious world.
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