September 23, 2021

11 Simple Ways to Find Peace this Fall Season.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ~ Albert Camus


There is no doubt that fall is my favorite season.

It’s not only about the beautiful colors and breathtaking scenery. Every aspect of fall gives me a sort of inner peace that I look forward to on a yearly basis.

Not everyone likes this weather. Some find peace, happiness, and even health during summer or spring.

But I find myself, each year, eagerly waiting to watch the first time it rains after a hot summer and smell the petrichor that induces an undeniable tranquility in my mind.

So for those of you who love this colorful season, here’s a list of “fall” things you could do that might help you stay serene:

>> Close your eyes and smell the gentle rain.

>> Listen to the cracking of fallen leaves under your feet as you take a walk outside.

>> Observe the beauty of the trees’ colors.

>> Make some recipes that will keep your tummy warm. (Here’s one for homemade vegan apple pie I enjoy.)

>> Sit by a bonfire (if possible) with your friends in your comfy sweaters.

>> Jump in a pile of leaves. (For an unknown reason, I feel a certain freedom and silly happiness doing that.)

>> Create autumn art. (Last year, I gathered the fallen leaves in the garden, and molded them in a cat shape, then I put them in a frame in my room. It looks pretty cool!)

>> Plant fall flowers like chrysanthemums. (They could be planted during fall, but it is better to plant them during spring, watch their beautiful colors in fall, and have them survive winter. Although, it also depends on your location. If you want to avoid your mums suffering from heat, you might want to plant them during fall.)

>> Make candles that smell and look like fall, however that smells and looks like to you.

>> Create your cozy “fall” corner. Mine would be redecorating my writing corner with fall colors, which helps a lot with stirring my creativity.

>> Find a book that brings you peace and read it on a rainy night. The sound of rain may put you in a comfortable and peaceful mood and heighten your ability to focus on the book you’re reading. (Anne of Green Gables is a nice read for this time of year.)

For all of you lovers of fall, what do you do during this season that brings you peace and joy?

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