September 20, 2021

Could this be the Reason why COVID-19 is Still Wreaking Havoc?


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COVID-19 has dominated the news and our conversations for almost 2 years.

I am pretty sure that many of us thought we would be through this nightmare by now.

I am neither a scientist nor a doctor of any kind—just a human, wondering if we are looking the wrong way. These are my thoughts on why Covid has not gone away, they are not meant to be political, just a little food for thought.

I recognize that plagues have been a part of our existence for quite some time, along with learning how to live with them.

Has anyone ever questioned what role evolution has played in not only Covid, but the emergence and spread of other modern superbugs?

When any illness is prevalent, we look to our immune system and question its ability to protect us from catching it. Do we even know what a strong immune system is though?

We are alive at a time when people live in protective treated boxes, next to chemically treated grass lawns, with a cement driveway leading to a tarmacked road. They drive in their car, most with windows closed and heat or air-conditioning on, to their job or school, where they work or study in an artificially lit building, built with man-made products, and cleaned with man-made chemicals.

Most people eat food from places that are convenient, without any idea where it is sourced or prepared. Many people eat ultra processed food, fast food, and food in restaurants that rely on commercial suppliers. Food labelled healthy may not actually be healthy if it has been heavily processed.

We take showers with treated water, wash with factory made soap and shampoos that make us smell like something other than human, and then lather ourselves in lotions and moisturizers that are loaded with more chemicals, which claim to make us look younger.

We wear clothes made with synthetics and wash them with chemicals.

We use antibacterial soaps, wipes, and creams, which not only kill the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria, which is meant to strengthen our immune system.

Unless we live somewhere extremely isolated, the air we breathe has pollutants in it—from cars, factories, planes, and even electricity and internet waves, which make it possible for us to have access to the internet almost anywhere.

Phones have become an accessory and no longer the privilege they once were—robbing us of meaningful conversations and delivering a slew of ways to interpret text messages based on one’s ego or emotions at the time. True human connection and communication is not what it once was, or what it needs to be in order to remain mentally healthy.

It is time to recognize how uneducated we are about what is most important to our daily lives.

Granted, the things we have done as a human race have created an easier world to live in, but on what level? We have become ego-driven humans, informed through television, government run schools, advertising, and social media. We are no longer nurturing humans, guided by our basic needs for survival, connection, or intuition.

Is Covid wreaking havoc and becoming stronger because our immune systems are getting weaker? Will the numerous variants continue to strengthen as we continue to sterilize, stay inside, and eat even more convenience foods?

Has anyone stopped to think about the current lifestyle factors of those living in areas with high death rates due to Covid?

Never in history has there been a society such as ours.

We will not be able to sustain our current way of living; there needs to be a serious change in our values as humans, or a drastic change to our current lifestyle.

I said once many years ago and I will say it again now:

“Down to the core of my soul and my highest level of intuition, I believe that we will have to go back, before we can move forward and have the chance to repair what we have done.”

It is time to wake up.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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