September 6, 2021

Virgo New Moon: Take your Dreams to the Next Level. (September 6)


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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ Ed.


I just love Virgo season.

The Virgo archetype has the innate skills and ability needed to bring order to the chaos of creation.

Birthed from Leo (the constellation just before hers), she takes the desires of our hearts, our gifts, talents, and unique self-expressions, and transforms them with her practical magic into something that can grow and thrive in our earth-based reality.

As an earth sign, Virgo also represents our physical embodiment, the sacred human vessel that we are, and helps us better understand this vessel’s relationship to the earth. So not only is she an alchemist, able to transform dreams into reality, but also a medicine woman able to help us heal. As an earth sign, she knows how to work with the natural resources of the plant and mineral kingdoms to purify, clean, and purge what ails the body.

This ability to heal and perfect, is also due to her sharp Mercurial mind and keen eye for detail, this gift is what gives her the ability to organize, discern, and perfect the resources of the outer world so that she can transform her inner environment with efficiency.

But it’s not just about her, Virgo lives to serve and share her wisdom and knowledge with others, which means that under this Virgo new Moon (with the sun, moon, and mars all in this constellation) we have her support to take our health and dreams to the next level, then manifest them into our current reality.

The journey is from the inside out.

This journey of manifesting starts within, it starts with organizing our inner world, which requires personal accountability and responsibility.

Luckily Uranus the awakener, the planet of intuition, enlightenment, and expanded consciousness, is in a beautiful conversation with the sun and moon, inspiring us with the bold, free thinking, devil-may-care attitude needed to look at the truth of where we are at, so that we can take true responsibility of our thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and actions—and from there use Virgo’s discernment and critical mind to revolutionize our future.

This means that at this new moon we can truly sit with ourselves in honesty, from a place of love and intuition, to look at what needs to be cleared, cleansed, purged, healed, or purified in our hearts, bodies, minds, and consciousness to create a harmonious and healthy inner environment in which our dreams seeds can grow and flourish.

Creating divine order from chaos.

By creating an inner world that is organized and harmonious, we have created an environment in which our intentions can thrive in this earth-based reality.

What ideas, dreams, gifts, talents, or creative pursuits were you entertaining in Leo season?

What unique expressions of inspiration were formulating in your heart and mind that you now want to pluck out of the chaos and obscurity of the dreamscape to refine, perfect, and implement?

You now have the support of Virgo’s practical thinking and wise choice of resources!

You also have the support of Neptune, the planet of unconditional love, oneness, inspiration, and imagination, which is speaking to the sun and moon from across the sky. Neptune will not only make your imagination more vivid and dreamy, but it will also infuse your heart’s desire with the unlimited source of divine inspiration.

Mercury in Libra is in a friendly conversation with Saturn in Aquarius at this new moon, which gives you the extra mental sharpness and clarity needed to lay out long-term plans for your dreams and intentions. Saturn is inspiring you to recommit, take responsibility, and foster determination to see your dreams through to fruition.

The Aquarian energy active right now will help you see innovative pathways forward that may involve technology to support your efforts. And with the added support of Uranus, you can deconstruct old ideas to make room for new ways of perceiving the journey forward.

The Libran energy activated by Mercury and Venus, is drawing you and your creations out of yourself and into your relationships, supporting that Virgo desire to share and serve.

Do your dreams and intentions need the support of others, can they support others? Can they create harmony, balance, and equality in the world around you, and in your relationships?

In service to all. 

Once we create that supportive, healthy, nourishing, and safe inner world, we can begin to share the wisdom of our journey and experiences with others.

Like Virgo, Neptune is a sign of service and will draw our hearts and minds toward devotional acts of kindness, toward helping others, and bridging over whatever divides us from others so that we can build a future from that place of oneness.

Venus in Libra is also highlighting our relationships, and wanting to build harmony, equality, and balance into what we create with others. Jupiter will expand on our ideas, service, love, and support.

With all this supportive energy what will you create?

Take a moment at this new moon to check in with your body, mind, and heart, and ask what it may need to bring it back to health, balance, and harmony.

Listen. Research. Refine. Take action.

Sit with your dreams and play in the world of imagination.

From there, begin to assess which intention or dream is most viable to work on manifesting at this time, and begin to use that keen eye for detail and discernment to polish it off and create practical steps toward achieving it.

Take a moment to listen to your intuition on how to lay clear plans for the future and draw upon the right resources to support those dreams and intentions to come true.

Consider how your dreams and intentions can support others, and how your gifts can be in service to them, and to the world.

Bless yourself, bless others. Lean into that energy of partnership, oneness, and abundance to call in the right people who can help you grow, whom you can also support and serve.

Love yourself, reflect on what you’ve already achieved and how far you’ve come.



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