October 5, 2021

Aligning to Joy: How to get to where we Dream of Being.


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The biggest changes in our lives often come from the smallest of things.

So often, we self-destruct the fruition of our dream life and self because we spend all day doing the things we feel we “should” or “have to” do and we skip over the small windows of joy.

Deep down, we believe these “shoulds” and “haves” are the things that will help us “get there.”

There? You know, that place where everything you’ve been waiting to be and telling yourself you have to be is realised. The place where you finally allow yourself to be happy, safe, abundant, loved, free, and so much more!

Here is the reality:

A huge shift and adjustment in outcome—aka, getting to where you ultimately dream of being—comes from feeling aligned, happy, and free in the moment, regardless of outcome. It comes from making it a priority to feel good about what you’re doing each day and enjoying the small moments along the way.

One way to do this is to first discover what brings you joy. What do you love to do daily, for example? For its own sake. Secondly, you can find joy by noting where it is you can make adjustments to maximise these things.

What Brings Joy?

Falling into alignment comes back to following what feels good and tuning into what it is we desire and what feels most in flow. Sure, we need to take action and sometimes it means doing things we might not always love, at least not on the surface of it, but there are plenty of moments throughout the day that give us energy, and if maximised upon, will flow into everything else we do.

Discovering what makes us feel good in the now will help bring us to a place of inner alignment.


Aligning to joy can be achieved through simple reflection around what small daily moments we desire more of. When we pause and notice what comes up, we also start to notice how we might be racing through our day skipping over and missing all the things we love most. This could be a quiet moment with your coffee in a beautiful garden or sunny spot, the laugh of your lover or child or friend. Maybe it’s that small pause of soul certainty you feel as a “yes, this is what I’m supposed to be doing,” washes over you. Maybe it’s delegating and trusting that what needs to be taken care of will be.

Making Small Adjustments

Can you picture now what you desire more of? When did you last fully drop in? In full presence and attendance? What else would you love more of?

When we are living our true ideal life and doing exactly what we desire most to be doing, not what we think we should be doing or what we think is enough, we then fall into alignment and naturally create better and more soul-satisfying outcomes.

These are some powerful and simple journal prompts to help you unravel what these adjustments could be.

What are five moments that bring me joy daily?

Am I willing to create my dream life by being in the small daily moments and shifts?

Why? Why not? What would it take, and what am I willing to give?

Is there anything I see holding me back from making these shifts?

If so, how can I work around these challenges?

When we consider what might change in the next 6-12 months, or sooner, in business, money, body, life, if we just committed to aligning and making more time to be in the moment, it can feel incredibly exciting. And make us realise just how accessible our dream life is!

Remember, life is made up of small pockets in time throughout each and every day. When we make it a priority to gravitate to and spend time doing the things which bring us joy, then over time, this is what will change our lives.

Making these adjustments is what will give us the energy, the happiness, and the freedom we long to feel right here, right now, daily.

Start today!


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