October 14, 2021

California Summer: A Love Letter.

California Summer

I long to have a powwow inside of your heart.

I see us there: running fast through tall grasses,

Playing Cowboys and Indians on a hot summer day—

Flute music and bird songs echo in the distance

While sweat beads drip down our necks and foreheads.

The air smells of sweetgrass and peppermint

As we play in the dirt with naked feet

And eyes open wide like outreached arms.

Dusk paints our world pink and purple.

Dressed in deer hide and feathers,

I am painted by your fingertips

And the mud clay you made.

My face is illuminated by your smile,

Shining bright like the day’s last sunbeams—

Before the dark night brings our dreams to us.

In twilight, your horse glows white like the clouds

Formed over the tall silver mountains in the West.

Sage smoke swirls around you

In the open field as fireflies

Come to dance in, “closer,” you say to me.

Your words low and deep like

A cello; your heartbeat fast

And steady like an old drum.

Your love is all seasons—

Your love is all climates—

Your love is all directions—

All meditations

Each element, each flower essence;

Each dream and every vision:

In everything is you and in all things

I am reminded of your intrinsic beauty;

Your nature is the candle’s glow upon my altar.

Your love is the light that guides me

Home to you.

Your strength has been my teacher:

You are all around me;

You exist in all things;

You are always with me—

Ever present in Spirit.

I am grateful for these gifts.

Your energy soothes and enriches

My Soul, like the ocean waves at night;

The color of the stars as they

Shine over land and sea;

The beautiful and delicate

Reflection that is you and me.


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