October 22, 2021

The Ayurvedic Device I never knew I Needed to Soothe my Anxious Mind. {Partner}

This article is written in partnership with Somavedic—they’re dedicated to holistically healing our bodies by offsetting EMFs in our environments, and we’re honored to work with them ~ ed.


“Ugh, we need to get out of here.”

My husband was frantically scrolling through Zillow while simultaneously checking Slack, stocks, and his emails when he expressed his despair about living in our seemingly shrinking townhouse.

I loved this place when we first moved in—new construction, airy windows, high ceilings—it seemed perfect for a newly married couple. It was. Fast forward to a quarantine and a few years of transforming bedrooms into work-from-home offices later, and I couldn’t help but agree with him.

It’s been feeling less like we live in a townhouse and more like we’ve become members of Tiny House Nation, and not to knock that whatsoever—they’re adorable, and if you wanted to, you could still g.t.f.o. of whatever town you’re in whenever you feel like it.

Don’t get me wrong, I know what a privilege it is to even have a job, let alone one that allows for remote work, but when my Mac desktop, laptop, WiFi router, TV, Air Pods, and cell phone are constantly within inches of me on a 24/7 basis, I can’t help but feel like I’m sh*tting where I eat.

Working from home has shined a blinding spotlight on our reliance on, and full-on addiction to technology. It’s around us and in our hands constantly. It’s one of those things that we know is bad for us, like a 1:00 a.m. Squid Game binge, but we rarely pause to notice how much it’s actually impacting not just our mental, but our physical health.

The whole “don’t sleep with your cell phone next to your head” isn’t just a superstition, it’s a way to at least attempt to draw back the effects of the chokehold that EMFs have on our minds and bodies.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have made themselves fixtures in our homes through our smartphones, routers, Bluetooth devices, TVs, computers, and essentially every bit of technology that permeates our homes. Free radicals, the pesky buggers that break down the cells in our bodies through harmful oxidation, love EMFs because they ignite that process.

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Technology was never meant to be this omnipresent in our environments, and a study conducted in 2015 measuring the EMF concentration in our homes compared to 200 years ago found that it was billions of times higher. Can you imagine what it would be now in 2021?

So my husband and I, anxious, aching, and exhausted as ever, have hit a (fire)wall. More space would be great, but that doesn’t eradicate the EMF effects of the one we’re in now. What do we need—meditations? Sage? A sound bath? All of the above?

I wouldn’t consider myself a spiritual person. I’ve never touched a crystal or burned incense, but when we’re drowning in the toxins of the modern world, I’m definitely not opposed to trying whatever I can get my hands on to cleanse this pressure-cooker environment.

That’s why when I had the opportunity to try the Somavedic—a vibrational technology designed to harmonize our environments, bodies, and water—I was open to seeing what the heck it could do for us. Definitely couldn’t hurt, right? I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical, but pretty shortly after I hooked mine up, I began to understand why it’s become an obsession for holistic healers and skeptics alike.

Imagine if your Alexa got Ayurvedic.

Ten years ago, Somavedic’s founder, Ivan Rybjansky, ran into some serious health concerns that alerted him to an imbalance in his system and the environment around him. He was averse to filling his body with manufactured prescribed drugs, and decided to embark on a mission to find a more natural alternative to healing.

With the technological overload of the modern world, more people have been drawn to ancient Ayurvedic practices for their unfiltered, simple, and effective results—but with the way the world has taken shape, incorporating those properties into our tech-addicted society requires meeting somewhere in the middle—and that’s where you’ll find Somavedic.

“I plugged the device in and after a couple of minutes I started feeling this interesting peace, emptiness and calm spreading throughout my body. The restlessness in my legs suddenly disappeared and I realized I had been sitting in an armchair for half an hour without a single movement. It was such a nice feeling like you experience after a great meditation.” ~ Martin

Inspired by Ivan’s desire to share methods that drastically improved his own physical and mental health, and with a composition of specifically-selected precious and semi-precious stones, Somavedic is designed to support a harmonic environment for people in their everyday lives.

As an Ayurvedic, somatic healing novice, I had no idea how that would even work, but it started resonating with me (literally) when I discovered more about the vibrational technology behind it. Radiofrequency therapies like ultrasounds, MRIs, and infrared light already have cred in the medical field for their healing capabilities, and they’re cut from a similar cloth.

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On the ancient end of the spectrum, the vibrational energy of crystal bowls in healing sound baths has been used for 2,000 years, and Australian aborigines were the O.G.’s of “vibrational therapy” with the didgeridoo as early as 40,000 years ago.

So when you extract the most potent elements of modern medicinal practices and ancient healing methods and combine them with semi precious and precious stones like: Ruby, Carnelian, Tourmaline, Agate, Pyrate, Rose quartz, Lepidolite, Magnetite, Sodalite, Tourmaline, Ruby, Hematite, Fluorite, Malachite and Jasper—you concoct a powerful glass harmonizing orb that takes up as much counter space as your Alexa (and does a whole lot more for you than set your oven timer).

“Seriously, babe, What’s the Science?” ~ My Husband

My analytical, engineer husband is obsessed with decoding the inner workings of every device that has ever deviced. My eyes were ready to roll when I heard him descending the stairs once my Somavedic was plugged in, because I just knew he’d grill me for the details.

There are several, granular studies that demonstrate how Somavedic works on the cellular level, but in simpler terms, it’s designed on the principle of controlled energy release from minerals set in a unique, intentional configuration.

Rose quartz, for example, is the embodiment of harmony and peace, and a (corner)stone of the Somavedic. It’s associated with universal love, and balanced relationships with friends, family, and yourself. It’s closely connected to the heart chakra, and is renowned for inducing harmony in every sphere of your life, and it’s no coincidence that the Somvedic has a spherical shape and impact on the space in your home.

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The Somavedic creates a 360-degree coherent field with a radius of 100 feet in all directions to help the body combat EMFs, geopathic zones, and all the unavoidable technological toxicity that throws our equilibriums off kilter.

Based on findings from four independent studies, and anecdotal feedback from the 99.9% of satisfied Somavedic owners, using it can:

>> Lower blood pressure and have positive effects on the nervous system

>> Improve HRV (Heart Rate Variability), circulation, and internal balance

>> Reduce the effects of mobile phone radiation

>> Improve the length and quality of sleep

>> Reduce migraines and headaches

>> Reduce brain fog

>> Create feelings of calmness and peace

We’ve only had the Somavedic in our home for a short time (although long enough for my husband to pry about all of its details) and I can say that the both of us were zonked out for a glorious nap within the first night of having it plugged in, which Juraj Kocar, CEO of Somavedic, mentioned was the most common initial response. We’ll take it.

At one point, I got up to use the bathroom, and my husband mentioned that the headache I didn’t even know he had went away. We had almost forgotten by then that there was an electric green, glowing Somavedic 20 feet away from us. “Wait, is it because of that?” he asked.

We’ll have to keep it around longer to be sure, but we wouldn’t be the first folks to sense some pretty immediate effects. Take it from a couple of long-term Somavedic owners:

Everyone in our household has noticed an improvement in health and a feeling of well-being. I am beyond grateful for this company and this device. It was by far the best investment I’ve made this year. ~ Glacia Rain

If you’ve been ill for a long time and conventional “medicine” has been a disappointment for you more than once, give Green Ultra a chance – it obviously won’t solve problems for you, but more than clearly will give you a hint on how to solve them 🙂 ~ Tomas K.

Somavedic is certainly an investment, but when going off the grid to rid yourself of the environment we’re essentially tied to isn’t an option, it’s well worth it, especially since there’s a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

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With the overwhelming satisfaction from Somavedic users around the globe, they’re willing to bet on it giving your life the detox it’s been missing. And since they can’t speak for themselves, plant and pet parents have even reported on behalf of their furry friends and ferns that they’ve been calmer and revitalized, respectively.

If you’re itching for the atmosphere around you to be simplified, for your migraines to subside, for your anxiety to be soothed, or just feeling like you’re ready to get the heck out of dodge—it might be a good idea to consider restoring peace in your space with a crafty little device that’ll meet you exactly where you’re at, instead.

Get Ready to feel Zen AF Wherever You Go.

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