October 7, 2021

17 Pieces of Advice we Give but Can’t seem to Follow.


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We tell girls to love themselves but run to plastic surgeons.

Women tell themselves they are independent but chase men who treat them like sh*t.

Men claim to want a wife but aren’t interested in getting to know her outside the bedroom.

We lie to ourselves about being happy in our relationships when we argue and complain every day.

We demand respect from others, but don’t give it to ourselves.

We dream of a love that saves us, while we refuse to save ourselves.

We point fingers at others, while we are doing the same sh*t that we dislike about them.

We claim to have respect for everyone, yet we ghost, bully, and suppress others.

We know mental health issues cause a lot of physical problems too, but we don’t think we need to go to therapy.

We are scared of catching COVID-19, while we have been unhealthy for so long.

We create our own diseases and continue to make ourselves sick, but we only want to punish the unvaccinated.

We don’t want to take vaccines, but we take drugs, smoke, and stress ourselves.

We know what happened in the past, but refuse to acknowledge facts or change.

We have a brain to think, but use emotions.

We have emotions to feel, but numb them with all kinds of substances.

We have one life only, but we act as if it were infinite.

We are asleep, but our Instagram caption says

Stay Woke!

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Read 9 comments and reply

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