December 20, 2021

The Illusion that Holds us Back from our Greatest Potential.


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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ~ Helen Keller


This quote has always hit home for me because it reminds me there are always choices in life.

The choices that we make either lead to a life of exquisite adventure and growth or a life of dissatisfaction following a plan laid out by other people’s expectations and societal norms.

I have always lived my life unconventially by following my heart no matter where it leads me. I am either all in—or not at all.

When it comes to relationships, I would much rather take a risk and dive into a deeply connected, growth-expanding relationship with no guarantee than live for 50 years in a self-imposed prison of mediocrity and “just having security” to avoid loneliness. This doesn’t mean I am choosing something short term over long term; it means that I don’t choose my experiences based on their guarantee of ticking all the boxes of what society calls successful. I choose them based on what feels good in the moment and their potential for expansion within me.

What if you could just dive into life’s experiences grounded in the present moment, following your heart and soul despite what anyone else thinks or how it looks to anyone else?

Society measures “success” based on the length of a relationship or the status of a career, when—let’s be honest—how many people spend their entire lives unhappy in a relationship or a career? It may look successful by societal norms, but this is a conditioned belief that is leading people away from following their true calling and their hearts.

What stops most of us from taking these leaps of faith is fear of the unknown. We are so conditioned to seek security in something outside of ourselves and believing that if we have this long-term relationship or this career then we will be safe from looking like a failure to the outside world.

The opposite usually occurs and this commitment to the security instead of our inner expansion ends up resulting in a constant tug of war and juggling of plates to keep the illusion alive.

How other people perceive you is more important than your inner happiness.

There is something so deeply satisfying in following your heart and leaping into the unknown. Without the pressure of a guaranteed outcome, you will immerse yourself in your own inner freedom and the adventure of a lifetime without knowing the path. Every decision you make by following your heart will lead you to your greatest potential. It is the journey that is your unfolding and your ongoing expansion, not the destination.

What is the destination?

If there is any destination at all it would be to be free of attachments, to expand beyond the limitations of the mind, and to live your life knowing that you are the source of your own happiness and abundance. What is reflected back to you is always a representation of your inner world.

If money wasn’t a problem for you or other people’s perception of you held no meaning, what leaps or decisions would you make in your own life that would fulfill your heart’s desire for living in the now?

The future you already exists by living in the now.

I have created this meditation to help us surrender control of outcomes and embrace the now moment.


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