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December 29, 2021

Organizing a Community Day

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After a challenging period of lockdown restrictions, a community event is uplifting and can even be used to raise funds for supporting something in the local area. Organizing a community day will lead to fun if locals can participate in one of these events.
1. A talent show
Many got new hobbies or had more time to work on their passion during a lockdown. Talent show participation can be in-person, on zoom, or a hybrid of both. It can be similar to an open mic event that people book to showcase anything after a booking. Organizers should ensure technical hitches do not ruin online events.

2. A new type of street party

People on a particular day went outside to clap for their health workers when the pandemic was at its height. A party with social distance will still be fun even if applauding is over. An opportunity to meet others uplifts mood, especially for community members who live alone. It is essential to include umbrellas if the weather is unpredictable or move doorstep drinks online to prevent the possibility of rain spoiling the event.

3. A trivia night

Zoom quizzes were famous during lockdowns. After easing restrictions, an in-person quiz within local communities is a fun way to meet neighbors and raise money. A broad audience will be happy to participate in general knowledge questions. A few rounds about the neighborhood and specialist subjects will increase the excitement. A hybrid quiz allows people to join in person or online.

4. Gardening days

Beautifying a neighborhood together is one of the best ideas. It will be a good community day if volunteers meet and restore neglected green spaces or help the elderly or physically challenged in the community to work on their gardens. Each household can get a patch so that people work separately and maintain social distance. Gardening reduces anxiety and depression. It improves wellbeing, health and feelings of satisfaction.

5. Arts and crafts festivals

All communities have craft enthusiasts and budding artists who will be happy with an opportunity to show their talents in a local festival. The festival themes that fit the social distancing requirements are an art trail and holding the festival outdoors with masks and sanitizer stations. Another way is to hold it virtually by setting a dedicated page for local festivals and allocating each artist a post to show art images. Community members can connect with them here and purchase items they like online.

6. Shopping for neighbors

Some people cannot wear masks for long to go shopping because of some disabilities, while others have been told to isolate themselves. Organizing volunteers to shop for vulnerable people is an excellent way of giving back to the community.

7. A swap shop

A swap shop provides a chance for participants to display items they do not use on their doorsteps or garden. Neighbors will swap things they need from each other. It minimizes the unwanted items that will end up at a landfill, and those in need can gather things of value to them. Organizers should inform local councils about their event, ensure the cleanliness of the items before swapping, proper sanitization, and a two-meter distance between groups.

Planning and holding the above events is fulfilling, but it is always to consult local authorities on COVID-19 and other regulations when organizing a community day.

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