December 21, 2021

There is Simply this Moment. Will you Choose to Be Here?


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What is the point of it all?

You may not like my answer.

There is no point at all.

There is simply this moment;

And the next moment;

And the moment after that.

And each moment will bring something with it.

There will be a moment of joy;

A moment of pain;

A moment of regret;

A moment of love;

A moment of betrayal;

A moment of hope;

A moment of excitement;

A moment of disappointment;

A moment of nothing;

A moment of all.

A moment

That comes.

A moment

That goes.

The moment will be what you make of it.

The moment will be what it is.

And the moment will give you a choice.

Will you accept the moment for what it is?

And let go of it when it’s over?

Or will you cling to the moment, just a moment too long?

And lose sight of the new moment that has arrived,

Until you get lost in moments past?

Will you choose to pick it up and put it down?

Or will you choose to linger

Until it brings you suffering?

Until you wish the pain away that you’re clinging to,

Or until you wish for more of the joy that never feels enough?

Both pull you away from the new moment that is here now—already, again.

Can you see that the moment that is here now is the point?



In this moment.

That’s the point.


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