January 9, 2022

8 Reasons why we all Need a Betty White in our Lives.

They say that you become like the people you spend the most time with. 

If that’s true, I wish I could spend the rest of my life hanging out with Betty White—or someone just like her.  

Betty White embodied so many of the attitudes, character traits, and behaviors that would make us all better human beings—if they rubbed off on us. 

I’m convinced that if I had Betty White as a daily role model, my life would be richer, happier, and a hell of a lot funnier. 

Couldn’t we all use more levity and joy in our lives? 

Here are eight reasons why we all need a Betty White in our lives:

1. She knew how to laugh—especially at herself. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we stopped taking everything so damn seriously and lightened up?

2. She knew what she wanted, why she wanted it, and didn’t apologize for it. 

Betty chose to not have children because she wanted to focus on her career, and she didn’t let people make her feel bad about her choice. We could all benefit from unapologetically living life how we see fit. 

3. She devoted herself to becoming the best in the world at what she did.

In a world that values immediate gratification, getting rich quick, and hopping from one thing to another, Betty White’s commitment to sticking with acting for the long haul and working tirelessly to become highly skilled at it is like a breath of fresh air. Count me in.

4. She spent her entire life doing what she loved.

How awesome would it be if we didn’t let money, hard work, or other people’s expectations deter us from our dreams? I, for one, can’t think of a life better lived than pursuing my passion every single day until my last dying breath. 

5. She wasn’t afraid to take chances and get outside her comfort zone.

I doubt that getting tackled by a football player for a Super Bowl commercial or hosting Saturday Night Live felt comfortable to Betty White. But she did it anyway, and it was freakin’ incredible. Think about the amazing gifts we can contribute to the world if we get out of our own way as Betty did. 

6. She served a cause greater than herself. 

Betty White was known to be an animal lover and she devoted much of her life to protecting animals across the globe. Everyone knew how much joy this brought her. We can experience the same joy of giving by following her example. 

7. She loved with her whole heart. 

Betty’s beloved husband, Allen, died in 1981 from stomach cancer, and she lived for 40 years without him. She never remarried because she felt that he had been the love of her life—and there was no one out there better than him. How might our lives be changed if we loved as fiercely as that?

8. She was friendly and kind. 

I can’t imagine Betty White had many enemies. She seemed to make friends everywhere she went, and the outpouring of love that’s been expressed since her passing is a true testament to her character. It’s easy to be grouchy and short-tempered. But if we can lead with kindness, not only will our lives be filled with people who love us, our kindness will become part of our legacy. 

We may not have the opportunity to be BFFs with Betty White, but that doesn’t mean her glowing attributes can’t rub off on us. 

When life is feeling dull or you’re looking to become a better version of yourself, pull out this list and start emulating Betty White. 

We could all use a little more Betty White-ness in our lives. 

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