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January 25, 2022

My Guardian Angel

Hearted by

David walk to the beginning of the path, then take that first step onto the bridge.

Baby brother place your faith into the hands of our Father.

The bridge has many broken boards, holes that you can see the water underneath.

No matter how wobbly and ragged the crossing appears to be.

It’s the next beginning to our teaching and learning.

Sometimes David we sacrifice ourselves to save another soul.

The greatest of all David we had a man who sacrificed his life for us all.

No matter what pain and hurt you go through, Always keep your soul pure.

Your mind gets played as a roller coaster by the demon, that has entered onto this earth.

With the pure cleansing it will place the Almighty Holy Spirit to over power.

When you feel like you are broken, You will be lifted back upon your two feet by the Holy Father.

David Milton Jones, Jesus has finally took you Home to eternal life.

You are definitely with us all in our Heart and Soul. You are in the most beautiful place of all and we all have a very beautiful guardian Angel.

Baby Brother you certainly going to be missed, you have brought so much to so many people on earth.

Now it’s time for the new Journey of Eternal Life with Our Heavenly Father.

There’s a beautiful story behind this writing of mine. I read this writing to him the day before he passed away and he responded. He looked at me and said I need your shoes. I told him my shoes are to small for you baby brother. He said no sis I need your shoes make them fit. I took the shoe strings out of my boots and they still didn’t fit. He said, I need my Deanna’s shoes for my new journey. I told him I have the prefect shoes for you. I went and grabbed these sandals and cut them to fit him. Then he said now I can walk with Jesus. Bless his heart.

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