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January 27, 2022

New Beginnings

Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Pexels.

When life changes, it’s sometimes feels very overwhelming.

When the first steps are taken it’s always another amazing journey.

Sometimes life can be very creative with new opportunities, but also very scary.

Life can be so hard to understand sometimes.

When the world just gone upside down, from what we would call normal.

At the same time what is normal, possibly a regular routine, that we’ve have placed in front of us.

Maybe something that we all just got comfortable with and just made it a norm for ourselves.

Sometimes when we feel like, life just got flipped into a whole different direction, it throws us all into a merry go round.

Our mind just goes running.

We all take that step backwards and observe the possibilities.

We start opening our mind to the “BIG” picture of life.

We start researching, asking advice from others, we start having many questions.

Sometimes we still not satisfied with the answers.

So we look deeper, till our soul and mind is finally at ease.

Some people will jump in with both feet, some tests the water, some will sit down and put a plan together.

Life can be so confusing at times, but at the same time, it’s like riding a horse, when we get bucked off, we get back up and try it again.

We take it at a different approach.

We place our feet into the stirrups, we grab the reins, we get comfortable into the seat, then here we are throwing the rope out, capturing all the possibilities, pulling them into our life.

Now we all have finally opened our mind to the new Beginning of life.

The old is left in the past and lay to rest.

The ride across the open land, the wind blowing, oh what a beautiful ride, with so much beauty.

It’s always going to be a new chapter and a new ride in life.

Never give up on your own Dreams and Life.

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