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January 30, 2022

The Love In The Heart

Photo by Rahul Pandit on Pexels.

When life seems so difficult to understand, through time after time.
When we lose our close family and friends through life, things just seems so hard to understand.
It makes us want to question life and trying to find and search for answers.
We hide our emotions from others to avoid of being questioned.
When we really just want to fall apart, feel broken beyond repairs.
How we would sacrifice ourselves to save them to allow them more time.
When we are alone tears starts to flow, the mind starts spinning with so many thoughts, with so many precious memories.
When our heart feels so lost and shuttered in many different pieces.
We stay strong for our love one’s, even when we are not as strong as everyone else sees us.
Our faith is what helps us all to see the light in our path of life.
Never keep your feelings bottled up for such a long period.
Allow yourself to feel and show your emotions to others.
Don’t ever allow yourself to hide behind walls. Always be true and share your true emotions with others.
Our love ones will never be forgotten, we all will miss them every day.
One day we all will be together again in the garden of Eden of eternal life.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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