January 9, 2022

The Perils of being a Deep Thinker: 10 Struggles we all can Relate To.


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One major thing (apart from many others) with which I’ve struggled is acceptance—of myself, others, and this world.

After years of struggle (with still more to go), I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m an alien! I’ve always felt misunderstood, that I’m a misfit, grappling with understanding myself and trying to figure out what’s wrong with me so I can correct it.

Small talk doesn’t interest me. I’m pathetic at it. Random socializing, cursory friendships, crashing parties, and partying are extremely difficult for me. I struggle with disingenuous conversation and would do anything for openhearted, deep, meaningful exchanges about love, life, and the struggles, pain, and discomfort of being human.

I feel awkward around people because I can sense what’s going on under the surface, that is, I know when something’s off with someone. Sometimes when I look at people, hear them talk, and observe their behaviour, I’m amazed and wonder how they pull off the kind of stuff they do. I get hurt by things people don’t even register as saying or doing after which, I’m left alone with my enormous feelings.

And none of this is easy!

We deep thinkers have this amazing ability to delve into the essence of things and the deeper we go, the higher we rise. And the higher we rise in our own vibrations, the sense of disconnect and detachment from the world also increases. Being a deep thinker in a world that thrives on ignorance is far from simple and convenient.

If you’re a deep thinker just like me, then perhaps you’d be able to relate to some of these struggles:

1. People don’t make sense at times—what’s fun and casual for most seems particularly annoying and senseless.

2. We feel detached and disconnected. Deep thinkers live for meaningful conversations and connections. In a superficial world, these come about rarely. Thus, we end up feeling disconnected from most “normal” or “usual” stuff. We’re either into the relationships completely or we’re out. We can’t hang on for the sake of it.

3. We find it difficult to chase materialistic goals. We live for philosophy, spirituality, creativity, and emotions.

4. We often find ourselves amidst occasional or frequent existential crises, pondering the fate of humanity and searching for the meaning of life.

5. We often struggle with decision-making and taking prompt action. Sometimes, we drown in our ability to think deeply and reflect. So while thinking comes naturally, the skill of taking action often needs to be honed.

6. We can be labelled as “emotional,” “sensitive,” “too much to handle,” or as having “high expectations” because we tend to operate at deeper and higher frequencies than others. We’re able to see connections others can’t. We can get a little too detail-oriented and pick out the unsaid which can cause most to feel uncomfortable.

7. We can be judged as “arrogant,” “intimidating,” or “weird” because we’re often inside our heads.

8. We’re good at overanalyzing people and situations to the point it drives us mad.

9. We’re also good critics and love to criticize ourselves.

10. We often take on more than what we can handle and end up burning out faster than others. We also require more time to recover—mentally, emotionally, and physically.

While the perils are many, the world is shaped by deep thinkers. We need all kinds of thinkers in this world…don’t we?

Yes, being a deep thinker can be lonely and frustrating, but also beautiful and unique!

Being able to see beyond what’s in front of us is a gift that some of us have and we must cherish it.

“Every deep thinker is more afraid of being understood than of being misunderstood” ~ Fredrich Nietzche


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Read 39 comments and reply

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