January 5, 2022

You are Not the Wreckage (Affirmations on Healing & Slowing Down).


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It’s when you figured out how doing the things you love makes you feel alive,

the joy rippling from the breadth of your
being becomes the sweetest revenge.

It’s when you align with peace by accepting how the violations against
your body and spirit were never meant as a gift from God.

It’s when you take in how it’s not a need for a cure,
but sometimes it’s a natural need for comfort and assurance
to allay the pain.

You know now, you don’t have to keep moving and altering,
shifting or hiding.

You understand healing isn’t an activity
or an expectation required to be whole, and it’s not always
something you want to share in an upload or therapy

It looks like tender skin gradually forming over what was
once a searing burn when you slow down, when you rest,
or when you’re patient and try something new.

It looks like validating moments when you ache and days when you
can’t stop crying. It’s when the memory doesn’t go away but the
exhale from remembering releases a little easier than it used

It even looks like letting some things inside of you be
what they are and loving them in the condition they’re in.

It’s when you turn on the light and look around to see, yes,
there was damage done, but you are not the wreckage.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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