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February 26, 2022

Are you loving your scattered brain?

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.

If your someone who’s thoughts run in every direction. This one’s for you!

This is no lie seriously people, below is a glimpse into how rainbow brains work.

As I was sitting on the floor digging through a basket, desperately trying to find a matching pair of socks so I could get my daughter off to school, I found myself getting frustrated there were so many unmatched socks! I started huffing and puffing about the kids’ leaving socks around the house and how our 2 labs eventually find them and make them tug of war ropes. I kept shuffling the mountain of socks around as if magically it’s match would appear.

In that moment I decided to pause, to take a deep breath and say out loud please produce the matching sock. I began digging a little deeper and low and behold there was that beautiful matching sock! Holy smokes where had it been all my life! Yes, the little things in life make me super happy!

It reminded me of the circle of life in that moment. How often we search for the perfect match, yet so often we don’t take that moment to dig a little deeper and when we do dig a little deeper to calm our own internal waters, everything starts to unfold!

I’m reminded in this moment when we find ourselves, our inner peace, love and beauty, the sock finds us!

Here’s to the beauty of not having everything at the very moment we’re asking for it. Sometimes we need to dig a little deeper for that perfect match! ?

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