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February 1, 2022

How to Travel Safely During the Latest COVID Surge

Although COVID vaccines and booster shots have made the world a little bit safer, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, one that is currently seeing a surge in cases. The Omicron variant will likely continue to spread quickly for the next few months, and that will make travel just as risky as it’s been since the spring of 2020. However, this doesn’t mean that travel will stop entirely. People will still continue to go on trips for business and pleasure in 2022, but they will need to be more careful.

Domestic Trips

If you must travel during the early months of 2022, keep your trips domestic. Travel by car since it will lessen the chance that you’ll be exposed to COVID, and stay close to home. Naturally, this will also have the added benefit of preventing your vacations from getting too expensive since you’ll less likely to have to pay for airfare or an extended stay in a faraway hotel.

Travel to More Remote Destinations

While some people will always want to go to expensive resorts among crowds of other tourists, that would be wildly irresponsible while a pandemic continues to rage. Instead of going to a popular tourist destination with your family, consider going someplace farther away from people. Check out Airbnb to see if there are any rental homes near state parks or other rural areas. Find places where you can go camping or enjoy a hike on a picturesque nature trail. Not only will you be outdoors, but you’ll be less likely to encounter other people who might be carrying COVID.

Continue to Take Precautions

Finally, continue to take the same precautions that you hopefully have already been taking since this pandemic started. Get vaccinated and boosted if you are able, and carry proof of that vaccination with you when you travel. If you are going to be around other people, be sure to wear a mask even if you’ve received a vaccine and booster shot. Breakthrough cases do happen, and you could still spread the virus even if you’re “safe.” If you cannot do these things for any reason, consider postponing your next trip if you can. A relaxing vacation at a luxury resort is not worth the possibility of catching COVID or spreading it to others.

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