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March 6, 2022

Beauty and the Beast

Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez on Pexels.

Beauty and Beast

The beauty of life, is exploring what has been given freely at no cost.
When things came into the world, we all have allowed the challenges to begin.
Now the challenges has many twist and turns in them.
We all some point in our life has taken something for granted. We all have kindness, but also have a little selfishness also.
It’s all about how we handle and use that kindness and selfishness. We should never allow ourselves to use others for our selfishness. But we always shall be kind and giving in return.
Our selfishness of providing for our wants, is okay as long as we don’t take it for granted.
So many of us walks the path of seeing the goodness and beauty of life. Some of us just want more and tries to get it how ever we can.
Will we ever know the right path to take and follow? Yes we have to open our mind and our heart to follow the right path.
So many things challenges our faith and believes.
Never lose who you truly are or stop being yourself.
We all were made special in our own ways. We all have flaws, precious blossom colors, with beautiful loving heart.
We all need to slow down and smell the flowers in the garden.
We have so many beautiful gardens, across the land of the free.
The most beautiful things are truly the most simple ones of all.

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