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March 6, 2022

How to Use Your Feminine Energy to Master Your Life’s Journey

In the modern world of goal setting, ambition, achievements and desire to be successful have we forgotten how to be feminine and attune to a more fluid way of living?

As I have Aries as my primary astrological sign I know fully well the strengths of being driven, goal orientated and a fierce determination beyond the average person. This is predominately the energy I have lived my life in and until I stumbled onto the spiritual path.

Feminine energy is receptive, it is fluid and intuitive. When I began to do the deeper inner work, I discovered I had ample and well-hidden feminine energy wanting to be expressed. This is something I still battle with regularly shifting in and out of masculine and feminine energy. My masculine energy tends to dominate and tries to take control when I start to feel the pressures of the external world instead of focusing within.

We all have desires, and we should never settle for less than what is being birthed through us. Whatever dreams live within you is a reality that already exists, or you wouldn’t even be able to see it. You are seeing and feeling it because it is your higher self/God/consciousness wanting to express through you.  With this kind of drive we can be led to chase, fight for and do almost anything to get where we want. Yet there is a more powerful and magical way for things to align for you.

When we tap into the abundance of suppressed feminine energy we begin to embody a more sensual, flowing and surrendered way of living. When we exchange the drive and list of ‘should do’s’ for choosing to follow a path of what feels good in the moment you then align with the energy of already having what you want. Circumstances, people, opportunities will start flowing into your life like magic that are aligned with your biggest desires becoming a reality in a way that seems completely effortless.

Letting Go of Resistance


When we choose to follow a path of surrender all sorts of resistance may come up in the form of guilt and fear because we are so conditioned to take logical steps towards receiving an outcome. Surrender is letting go of the outcome and ignoring your tightly held beliefs about the way things should unfold. Your mind will only get in the way of the way the Universe is already unfolding it for you.

The magic is watching it unfold like a movie instead of calculating every step and forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do. The pathless path is living in the moment and embracing the unknown whilst following your heart moment to moment.

What would happen if you let go of all the ‘should do’s’ and agenda’s and lived freely doing what feels effortless?  MAGIC ?

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