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March 20, 2022

Patriots of the Highway’s

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.

Patriots of the Highways

Waking up many different hours of the day. Brewing the coffee to start the day off right.

Putting on them wrangler jeans, shit kicking boots with the cutoff patriot shirt.

Filling up the thermos and the tumbler with your fresh hot coffee. To hit the long roads across America.

Stepping down onto them steps of the 18 wheeler. To start the day with the pre trip. Making sure the equipment was in operational condition.

Stepping back upon the steps, positioning yourself into that driver seat. Adjusting the mirrors to capture all your surroundings. Sitting comfortable in the driver seat, all buckled up. Starting the engine, checking all your gauges for proper PSI and oil pressure. All in working order.

Now it’s time to start rolling them 18 wheels down them highways.
Turning on the CB, tuning in breaker breaker 1-9 do y’all hear this driver loud and clear? Driver 10/4 loud and clear.
It’s time to turn on the stereo for some Aaron Lewis ( Am I the only one).

Millions of miles across America, West to East and North to South. Running down State Routes, US Highway’s and the interstates of the USA.

Opening up that CAT engine, hearing the roar and rumbling with 18 gear’s shifter.

Keep on Truckin’

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