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March 10, 2022


Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.

What are the true factors in a relationship?

1.) Communication must be able to talk with one another about anything and everything.

2.) Friends must be able to become each other’s best friend and enjoy each other’s company.

3.) Trust must be able to trust each other with no doubts or worries of what each other are doing.

4.) Honesty should always be truthful to one another.

5.) Faithful should always be faithful to each other and never have wandering eyes for another individual.

6.) Respect treat each other the way you want to be treated. Showing each other the kindness and caring side.

7.) Loyalty always be loyal to the one who will stand by each other side and protect each other.

8.) Be a team and always work together as one.

9.) It takes two to make it work and build the relationship strong to withstand anything that is thrown into the paths.

10.) Never use foul language or call each other names. Always sit down and have adult conversation with one another.

11.) Don’t ever be verbally, mentally or physically abusive towards each other.

Always keep a good healthy relationship with one another. Don’t ever bad mouth each other to others.

When each other is down, be each other’s encourager and lift each other back up.

Give each other inspiring, positive thoughts.

Allow each other to be there own person, no one should be controlling anyone or trying to change each other.

Never break each other down, be each other’s biggest fan.

Always stay true to the vows that both have committed and agreed too as being each other’s rock and foundation. Becoming each other’s life partner. Always honor them words of vows of Christ.

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