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March 3, 2022

The Devil Unseen of Evilness

Photo by Lennart Wittstock on Pexels.

Wickedness and Evilness

When one shows their true colors after death. How selfish, greedy and showed no remorse, for the dead or the living.
Casting stones towards the living, showing no appreciation for all what has been done for them.
What one has caused during the living period, trying to destroy and tear family apart. Family is much stronger then anyones phoniness.
One thing , I’ll say is my loving Angel is the witness from above, watching over his loving family.
One thing I’ll say is the truth always comes out. Now it proves how powerful our Heavenly Father truly is.
How it was very precious having three disciples bringing the word of forgiveness and washing away the evilness, with the great Holy Spirits of Christ.
Over powering your wickedness, lies, unfaithfulness, dramatic scenes of the devil.
The wicked and evilness is the one who has to live with their own doings.
I shall not cast the stone of evilness , towards anyone of my brothers or sisters. Shall love one another and thy neighbors.
Thank you Heavenly Father for loving us endlessly, Thank you for being so forgiving and giving us eternal life.

Written By: Deanna M Jones Hartley

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