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March 15, 2022

Why Is It Good To Be Born On a Full Moon Despite The Opposition In Your Natal Chart?

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When I was pregnant with my son, the doctors determined he was due on March 12, 2017. In my morning prayers, I wished that my son would be born healthy and happy, after having three miscarriages prior to this pregnancy. I also wished that my son would be born exactly on his due date, which was the full moon date of March and the holiday of Purim, the happiest Jewish holiday. Only around 5% of babies are born on their due date. My prayers were answered, and my son was one of them.

Back then I was still a beginner astrology student and did not fully understand the meaning of what I asked for.

Being born on a full moon means that in your natal chart, the sun and the moon oppose each other. Oppositions in Astrology represent a dialog between two forces. These two forces have a lot in common, but at the same time, they are also in conflict with one another. There is a constant need to harmonies them.

Having a full moon natal chart also means that your needs (moon) are always in opposition to your wants (sun). Since the moon represents your mother and the sun represents your father, it also means that you perceive your parents in opposition to one another. It might indicate that your parents want different things from you, raise you in a different way, or that they are two very different personalities.

As my astrology knowledge deepened, I realized that by asking that my son would be born on a full moon day, I asked that he would have conflicting wants and needs. I asked that me and my husband would be in opposition to one another, at least from our son’s perspective. If I had known all that, I probably would not have prayed for my child to be born on a full moon day. Or would I?

I love full moons. Even though I usually don’t sleep so well on full moon nights, even though I feel more emotional, restless, mysterious, and mischievous, I love this bright night energy. I am more productive, creative and energetic. I love the excitement of it. Full moons make me feel alive. Purim’s full moons are especially unique, as they carry a special zest and joy.

On my journey as an astrologer, I realized I am not here for the beautiful long blue lines, nope. I am here for the reds. Blue lines are boring. Red is the color of blood, the color of life.

My son was wide awake from the moment he was born. The nurses were amazed to see him raising his head and searching me with his eyes when he was only three days old. People with sun moon opposition must be awake.

My son was born on the full moon of March, when the sun was in Pisces and the moon in Virgo, just like the full of this coming Friday, March 18. Pisces and Virgo are both here to be in service. They are both in constant search for purification of body, mind, and soul. They are very social, but also need their alone time. But while Virgo is pure practicality and groundedness, Pisces’ head is up in the clouds. Pisces is imaginative, Virgo sticks to facts. Pisces is dreamy, Virgo is alert, Pisces wants to space out, Virgo wants to exercise, prepare a healthy meal, go to work, take care of everyone and be busy busy busy.

The low road of Pisces sun Virgo moon is a conflict, each one pulls you to a different direction, and you stay in between, never knowing which side you are on. The high road is that you have a wonderful balance. Your head is in the cloud, but your feet are on the ground. You can bring your imagination and creativity into fruition. Things don’t just stay up in the air, they are manifested in the earthy realm.

I am happy that my son was born on the full moon. I really am. Even if it means that I am in constant dialogue with my husband, always needing to harmonies our relationship. It is obvious to me that even though I didn’t know what it meant when I asked for it, I unconsciously wanted this. This opposition keeps some level of tension, of excitement. My husband and I challenge each other, we keep each other awake. Through this opposition we push each other towards growth and evolution.

My son chose the perfect day to come to this world, the perfect moment to come to this world. I am so grateful that he is exactly who he is, that my husband and I are exactly who we are.

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