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April 18, 2022

7 Civilian Career Paths for Veterans

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Getting back into the workforce can be a daunting task for many military veterans. One of the most common concerns they have is finding a job that honors their skills and experiences. According to Navy Federal, more than 250,000 military veterans enter the workforce each year. These are a few of the top fields that military veterans transition into after their service is up.


The healthcare industry is a rewarding and mission-focused field that allows former service members to channel their skills into a rewarding career. Some of the most common fields that veterans can pursue in this industry are hospital operations, logistics, and medical research.


Many of the best jobs for veterans in this industry are in construction or other trade skill careers. Due to the skills they have gained through their service, many companies offer programs that help transitioning service members find rewarding careers in this industry. One of these programs is the Veterans in Piping (VIP) program, which helps transitioning service members find civilian careers in the piping industry.


While serving in the military, veterans can gain valuable leadership skills that can translate into a successful career in government. There are plenty of opportunities for veterans in this field.


Many veterans who served in the military have received specialized training in engineering. This field is often a good fit for those who served in the armed forces. However, even if their military experience led them to other fields, this field is still worth a look. Aerospace and defense companies are known to hire former service members with engineering skills due to their experience in developing systems and equipment that are used by the US government.


Defense contracting is a field that involves creating materials that can be used by the various sections of the US military. It offers a competitive salary and can be related to the military. Some of the positions that are available in this industry include intelligence specialists, contract management specialists, and quality assurance managers.

  1. IT

Due to the importance of technology to the US military, many former service members are interested in working in this field. They get to contribute to the development of new solutions and improve the efficiency of the military.


One of the most popular fields for veterans in the finance industry is financial services. There are various career paths available in this field, ranging from being a financial advisor to an accountant. Strategic thinking and adaptability gained from military service are valuable skills in this industry.

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