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April 8, 2022

Do you hear me

Photo by Frans Van Heerden on Pexels.


  Sitting here with tears in my eyes, thinking about how my heart is so broken into shattering pieces.

  Why is Love so hurtful and painful?  We all probably had them same thoughts in our life.

We sit down and then start thinking, what are we doing wrong.

  Why am I being punished continuously, over and over again.

  Please tell me, what am I missing and not learning on this journey.

  Give me a sign, that you hear me begging for your guidance.

  Am I just not lovable? Is that why, I lose so many people out of my life, that I love so dearly? Please I am begging, will someone tell me the reason.

  Oh, my child you have not done anything wrong. You are just amazing and beautiful the way you are. Never doubt yourself my child.

  You have a very beautiful heart, your Love is so pure and genuine.

  Sometimes my child, it’s just time to bring my other children home, to my house of everlasting.

  If you didn’t feel the emptiness, of losing your love ones, I would be very concerned.

  My child, never question the beauty of life. It’s always right there in your heart.


  I looked into the beautiful blue sky, with all the beautiful fluffy white clouds.

  I saw, the most amazing thing ever.


He heard every word I spoke. Showing me and allowing me, to see all my love ones. Showing me, that they were okay. That they are right there with us all every day.

When you start doubting yourself or life. Just take that moment to breath. Yes Father.

  Always remember, you are truly loved endlessly.  Thank you Father.

You are never alone, all my children walks with me.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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