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April 16, 2022


Freeze the moment we were introduced so I can mark it as destiny

Freeze the aching of my first heart break, remind myself this too shall pass, your heart will


Freeze the hour she was born, kiss her forehead and give gratitude for the woman she will become

Freeze the smiling little face when he realized the party was especially for him

Freeze the day I drove my very own car, by my very own self, for the very first time, allow the insatiable freedom to saturate my heart

Freeze the Christmas we sat back, watched without hurrying about and soaked it all in until evening

Freeze the smash of my first home run, their would be very few of those to savor

Freeze the sound of the door closing, you made the right choice to stand up, be proud

Freeze the panic of being lost in an unfamiliar place, breathe, think and reminding myself

you are strong and smart,

find your way

Freeze the feeling of walking thru the door of  the first home I ever owned, this is where a  grown up story begins, make it great

Freeze the summer nights immersed in flashlight tag, counting stars and fireflies remind myself to play

Freeze the last time we said goodbye, let me hold you tighter,

make you laugh

And tell you I love you very much

Freeze the moment I looked into those warm brown eyes covered with black fur

knowing love without condition, appreciate and cherish that gift of loyal friendship

Freeze the first moment he told me his big dreams in many chapters, listen to everything he has to say, patiently and dream with him


Be mindful.

Be present.

Mark the day.

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