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April 16, 2022


Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.

I look upon you my father, please take my hand and lead me through, all these troubled waters.

I will never question you in these challenging times. But I will continue on following you and believing in you.

Keep holding me close to you. I will never doubt you.

Always allow me the strength, to always continue onto the next path.

I know you always have a reason and a purpose for us all. You never give us the challenges, that you don’t think we cannot handle. No matter how much hurt and pain we feel, through the troubled waters. We will always conquer every challenge, with you by our side.

When the evilness casts the stones, I will not ever cast stones back. I will carry your power and strength with me always. I will show love and kindness to all your children.

You always , show me the signs. What keeps me going forward. You always lift me back upon my feet, when I feel like, I am falling down.

You are the only one, I will always and continuously need. When my soul feels empty, I will always fuel my soul with your words and love.

Thank You Father for saving us all, by dying on the Cross. Being such a forgiving Father and Loving us all Endlessly.

Loving you every day, in the Holy Spirits and the Holy Ghost. Amen

GOD BLESSINGS are truly Beautiful and Amazing.

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