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April 13, 2022

Relationships As Spiritual Growth

Sometimes I sit in the awareness that everything is an illusion. That the world we see is only a projection of the mind. Like a movie playing that we have directed, scripted and play a role in based on our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. A way to experience ourselves through a mirror. And this is one state of consciousness.
Other times I sit in my humanness, in the heart and feel everything. The passion, the ecstasy, the pain, empathy, love, compassion, fear, and sadness. I am a witness to all of it within me and welcome it all because in the evolution of the heart all is needed to transform and purify the heart. To sit with the pain and FEEL it is to dissolve it. The pressure creates a diamond.
When a woman gives birth she pushes through endless hours of pain to bring into the world a new life. A rebirth of old into new. It is impossible to get to the end result without first going through the pain.
When you let someone into your heart, to truly let them in is to be exposed to the contrast of the dark and the light within you. You cannot escape the cracks. The right heart will safely hold yours as you witness your own reflections and transform them.
Be gentle with yourself as you witness the opening and closing of your heart. It will eventually crack open when you no longer resist the shifting in between states.
The heart can transform anything. For It is pure and the source of all that is.
Spiritual growth is not only in our consciousness but in our humanness. Our ability to feel, release the old and to be reborn into the new. This is our shared humanity. To be able to connect to each other’s hearts and hold each other safe ❤️
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