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April 8, 2022

Whispering In The Wind

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Pexels.

The day has come, to set you free with the holy spirits.

Fly with the winds, across the beauty of the land.

I wish you were here, I sure do miss you. You definitely the lucky one.

You are now with all of our love ones and with the Holy Father.

I feel so broken and lost indescribable ways. The heart keeps on feeling the hurt and pain.

Questioning my life and everything around. Feeling like everything is just unbearable, with no possibilities of finding the true paths of life.

Will the heart be fulfilled with love, or ever be whole. The faith of believing is real, questioning the love of others in life. It’s just seems like there’s always a twist involved.

Hurricane storms rolling through, tearing everything down. High winds with the storming blizzards, breaking  through the walls.

Don’t even know where to start, or where I am suppose to end the Rocky Mountain climb.

Some days just seems so exhausting, with the over flowing rivers. Other days just goes by like a flashing light.

Feeling like I am so alone, with no one by my side. Feeling like, no one likes me, or don’t want anything to do with me. What’s wrong with me, that everyone always pushes me away so quickly. Feels like it’s always a story of my life.

Please take my hand and guide me to the shelter of Peace.

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