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April 8, 2022

You Lead, The Universe Follows

Let’s talk about Miracles, Manifestation, and Creating New Realities…. Here is the thing, there is a huge misconception out there that creating a vision board, visualizing, or simply wishing on a start will get you all the things you want. But here is the thing, none of that works without the following 3 steps…

Clarity- You gotta be clear on where you are at (this means telling hard truths to ourselves sometimes). You need to have a really clear vision of what you want and why you want it.

Aligned Action- You have to take action in the direction of your dreams. That means actually taking the steps and DOING the things that will get you closer to where you want to be.

Full Faith- Know that what you desire is already coming for you and act accordingly. That means there is no doubt or fear, you know it’s happening and you continue showing up.

You decide what the f*ck you want, you take the action the Universe follows.

Most people live in the realm of wanting all the things but not being willing to show up and do the hard work. We want a million dollars but don’t have a bank account or the slightest clue about handling money. We want a solid relationship and yet we give our energy and bodies away like they mean nothing.

When your desires and dreams don’t match your actions and energy the Universe can’t create miracles for you because you are asking for 2 contradictory things, the words you are saying versus the actions you are taking…

Actions always speak louder than words so your actions are going to continue to create the reality you are living, if you want a different one.. Take different actions.

Once you are clear and begin to take actions it’s time to surrender into the deep knowing that it will all happen. Again this is where we often become foggy or unclear, we start thinking the thoughts, our actions are aligned, but when/if it doesn’t happen in the exact timeline we desire we throw our hands in the air and say F it, this isn’t working, and go right back to the old familiar ways.

Once again.. Mixed signals sent to the cosmos.

Instead we lead with faith that as we continue to be clear take action and move forward it will all work out for our best and highest good, we have to step out of the way and let the Universe work for us here because often times the miracles that happen are much bigger and way better than our minds could have imagined, when we let go of control the really momentous changes can occur with little effort.

It takes time, truth telling, and doing the work consistently to create your dreams. Of course the Universe will always show up in full support, after you show up in full support of yourSelf.

I recorded a podcast on this HERE if you want to listen.

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