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May 1, 2022

Happy Birthday to Me!

As I approach another Birthday, these are the major eight things I have learnt in my life so far:

There are much bigger issues in life

There was an incidence recently, which would have left me fuming a few years ago. But this time, I don’t know what happened, I just took it in my stride and strategically managed with correcting the matter instead. It felt great! A whole lot of positive energy surged around me after I dealt with the issue and overcame the slight irritation.

At first, as a rise in irritation crept upon me I thought to myself that this is nothing, there are much bigger issues in life than this. People have no food to eat, homes are destroyed, some are living in poverty, there’s a war going on with unknown war crimes occurring. What I was experiencing was miniscule in comparison.

Perhaps my meditation and Yoga was working. Whatever it was, it felt wonderful and I was on top of the World praising myself of how I had dealt with the situation.

“Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions.”

– Tony Robins



Live in the present


The past makes us think of what we could have done to make our lives better. It has some mistakes and some regrets (although a lot of learning). The future is a dream, a challenge that needs a set goal. It’s better to live in the present, the present moment that will take us towards those goals.

We link today with tomorrow and quite rightly, as today’s doings will materialise into tomorrow. However, today needs to be dealt with first. Tomorrow only comes after today.

“ There are two days in a year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called   tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.”

– Dalai Lama



Put yourself into others’ shoes


Every time you don’t understand someone’s point of view, put yourself into his or her shoes. Try and understand why is it that they think differently. It’s ok to have another opinion or to think differently. It’s just that we don’t understand their reason and they don’t understand ours. Everything will seem simple if we all think like this.

“What I mean by empathy is putting yourself in other people’s shoes, feeling what they are feeling”

– Paul Bloom


Always help the less fortunate


This helps the World become a better place and it makes you, the helper, feel great. I recently read about a gentleman in The UK who helped a Ukrainian family by buying a house for them.

I clear out my wardrobe and cupboards at least once a year and donate anything I don’t need. I did the same in my Parents’ place last year too. Every time I do this, it makes me feel liberated and much lighter!

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

– Anne Frank



Look ahead


There will be really hard times and some tough phases in our lives. During these times, it’ll be difficult not to dwell on those sad thoughts, feel sorry for ourselves and become a recluse.

No matter how hard it gets we must look ahead. This time is momentary; we have to move on to keep abreast of our life. Given time, things do get better and easier.

“You may not control all the events that happen to you but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

– Maya Angelou




Laugh at everything and at everyone you can! Laugh at your spouse, at your family, their unusual habits and their silly jokes! Laugh at everything you can; stay light- hearted.

Laugh with your colleagues of how overworked you all are- of how there is no time to eat or breathe. Laugh at the management about how unrealistic their goals are. The more you laugh the less over- worked you’ll feel. Laugh with your staff at work or home. This helps to build a trust, rapport and strong bonds between each other. The more we laugh, the less stressed we become.

“Laughter is language of the soul.”

– Pablo Neruda



Everybody must work to stay sane and remain focused. It’s good to get out of the comfort zone so we can broaden our horizons and give back to the society. Work doesn’t just mean a paid job. It can be a voluntary job, a hobby, which can be help to others (like writing on Elephant Journal). Work means one gets to use their head, hands and heart.

It allows us to interact with the outside World so we can get out of our cocoon. It allows us to tap our potential and raise our confidence and self- esteem. It makes us happy, self-satisfied so we can function as normal human beings.

“ Work isn’t to make money; you work to justify life.”

– Marc Chagall



Love Everyone


This is very important. I love my family and friends (at least some of them!). In addition to that small list, I love my postman, milkman, my help, the iron man, the tailor who sits under a tree and mends my clothes when I need a dress to be loosened or tightened (depending on my weight!). I also love the cleaner (who cleans my house as I like it). I love all the people who make my life easy for me so I can run it smoothly.  I love them because they help me fix the minute details of my life and make me happy.

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

– Mother Teresa



Self respect


This is a very important one. It took me a long time to realise this aspect of life. Never let go of self- respect. Treasure it, always. It radiates confidence and demands respect from others.

There will be many people who will put you down in life but your self – respect should not go astray. You are you and love yourself for it, respect yourself for all that you are. Work on yourself if you don’t love yourself so you can have self-respect but make sure that you have it. Wrap it with a soft cloth, keep it safe, guard it and use it.

“Respect yourself and others will respect you.”

– Confucius


I hope these things will help you decide on what you have learnt so far in your life. When I look back, I have no regrets, I learnt from the mistakes I made. I am only growing stronger everyday in life as I deal with problems. I am extremely proud of who I am and am looking forward to doing my bit for the society in order to change the World a little bit.

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