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May 26, 2022

Lost with Words

Photo by Jorge Urosa on Pexels.

When you open yourself up to someone, allowing yourself to love again.

When you just want to make them happy, then you feel like you came to a brick wall.

You feel like nothing what you say is right. When you just want to be their uplifter and give them positive thoughts.

When their sadness brings you sadness. When their stress brings you stress. Their worries makes you worry. When you feel their pain within your own self.

Which way do we turn? Do we run for the River, let the waves wash everything away or do we aim for the Lake with the standing and calm waters?

What do we fear the most out of life? Being mislead, played as a fool and being hurt again.

Life has many curves and bumps in the Journey.

Will we ever know, the right way to go? Which path to take next on our journey.

Why do we get so lost in life? So confused about things and in our own thoughts.

All we can do is place our life, hope, love and faith in the hands of our Higher Power.

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