May 6, 2022

Love doesn’t actually Conquer All (& 3 Pieces of Powerful Relationship Advice).


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When it comes to love, there’s a lot of well-worn advice floating around.

Clichés like “follow your heart” and “love conquers all” may sound cheesy, but also contain kernels of truth. Love is predicated on giving, regardless of whether you’re getting something in return. It requires hard work, understanding, and compromise. Most importantly, being in love doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly. Indeed, it’s far from picture-perfect.

Love can’t conquer all—all alone.

I’d like to share some honest, down-to-earth advice. Not poetic sentiment, but some of the most powerful relationship advice you’ll ever receive. I leave it to you how to put it into practice.


One of the most precious things you can offer your partner is presence. In a world that bombards us with distraction, offering presence can be truly challenging. Presence isn’t purely physical; it requires emotional and mental effort to listen intently, focusing on what your partner is feeling as well as saying, being there every step of the way.


Compassion is essential. Inevitably, partners make mistakes and rub us the wrong way. That doesn’t mean we should write them off. Instead, offering compassion allows us to see things from their perspective. We may disagree, but showing compassion strengthens bonds by softening our differences through understanding. Conversely, anger and fighting solidify our differences by hardening our relative positions.


Cherish your partner, especially when things are tough. It’s easy to take loved ones for granted when we’re in a disagreement. Remember they’re a precious part of your life. Take a step back and create the space to breathe and cherish the moments you have together; one day they’ll be gone forever.

Fall in love over and over again. Choose to put love first, no matter what. This mindset overcomes obstacles giving your relationship the opportunity to become the strongest force in your life.

Love is about not giving up, believing in it with all your heart, and possessing an unwavering sense of faith—in you, in them, and in love itself. It’s easier said than done, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, you have a shot at finding happiness together. You’ve got to be honest with yourself and each other, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Love requires vulnerability and laying down our shields. Sometimes that’s scary. Vulnerability takes courage but allows us to be free. So, while love may not always conquer all, it’s one of the most powerful and transformative forces in our lives. And that, in itself, is worth cherishing forever.

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