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May 16, 2022


Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.

This is definitely a very BIG part, in any relationship.

Please my Love, place your trust within me, I’ll place my trust within you.

Together, we will place our Trust, Love, Life, Family, Our Home, Our Faith and Relationship in the name of Jesus Christ.

We, shall not ever doubt each other in trust.

We, shall always continue to show one another our loyalty.

We, shall never stray away, we shall always remain faithful to each other.

We, shall remain truthful and honest with one another.

We, shall always be each other’s Rock.

We, shall not cast stones towards one another, we shall be each other’s motivation.

We, shall always communicate with each other, in a very respectful manner.

Our Heart, Soul, Body, Eyes and Hands, shall always stay pure and restored with one another.

We, shall always show each other, unconditional Love.

Keeping our Marriage, Relationship, Our Home, Our Family and Our Faith with Christ, we will be awarded with Abundantly fulfillment of Happiness, Joy and Love endlessly with endurance.

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