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June 17, 2022

Jealous, Anger and Hurt

Photo by Inzmam Khan on Pexels.

People are sometimes very confusing in life. They always telling us, it’s okay to be angry. Some even try’s to make us jealous, of the situation. They will even tell us, it’s okay to vent what’s you’re feeling.

The thoughts, on this whole topic, can be a very sensitive and emotional subject.

When we invested, so much of our time in other people.

When we give our trust to others so easily, to give them every opportunity, without any comparison, because of past situations.

When we try to express our feelings, then they get upset and twist everything around, what’s the point of expressing our thoughts?

Yes, it definitely hurts, when you hear or see, that they are giving another person, their time and effort, what you were hoping for in that relationship.

Yes, we definitely feel the jealousy, especially when we opened our heart up to them. When we allowed our self, to have emotions and passion for that person.

Our thoughts, then goes running wild through our mind. Wandering what exactly went wrong, in that relationship.

We start analyzing everything, from the beginning to the end, of that relationship.

We sometimes feel like, we were used and played as a fool, at our own expense. That our emotions never really mattered, to the other person. That we were just another roller coaster ride for them.

We even start having thoughts and thinking, that there were expectations, that we never meet up too.

We are just who we are, that we would give, the shirt off of our own back, for others. We are with a sense of humor and happy, of being the person we are and have become.

Sometimes we just feel like, we are just not good enough, for others. We start feeling like, it’s all our fault, that nothing ever works out.

Instead of showing our hurt and anger, we distance ourselves and bottle everything up within.

We afraid, of expressing our feelings on the situation, because we don’t want to hurt their feelings, or lose them out of our lives.

Instead, we just keep our emotions to ourselves, trying to keep our spirits up, from going into a deep dark depression.

Our heart, just feels so hurt and broken. When we just, would love to find that one special person. Who will love us unconditionally, as we would love them unconditionally in return.

We even start questioning ourselves, beating ourselves up over everything. Even when we know deep down, we did nothing wrong, accept showing our kindness and caring for that person.

Everyone is always telling us, that theirs someone out there for us all. When the time is right, that special someone will come into our lives.

Yes, we definitely start to doubt everything in our lives. We even start losing hope, on certain things in life.

Yes, we definitely become very exhausted and tired, because of bad experiences.

Where we just want to shut down and close them doors, never allowing them to be re-opened.

Yes, we definitely feel like we stand alone, with no one by our side. With no one to really discuss things with, or talk too, about what we are truly feeling within ourselves.

Yes, we are happy with ourselves, but we definitely feel the emptiness and incompleteness of a loving relationship.

Yes, we definitely get stronger and make it harder, for others to get close to our heart. Because of the hurt and pain that we’ve experienced in our life.

Especially, when we give ourselves completely to someone and it becomes a disaster.

One thing, we always need to remember, is never harden your heart so much, that you can’t ever feel or have emotions for someone.

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