July 19, 2022

11 Lessons to Learn from Dr. Fauci before his Retirement.

Washington Post. July 18, 2022.

Anthony S. Fauci, who led pandemic response and publicly contradicted Trump over covid treatments, to retire by end of Biden’s term.

Fauci has served as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. In that role, he has advised seven presidents through all manner of public health crises…

 Say it isn’t so, Dr. Fauci, say it isn’t so.

Dear Dr. Fauci,

Some people are irreplaceable. You are one of them. Some people can’t be trusted. You aren’t one of them. You gave me your truth when I was floundering to find any truth at all in a pandemic haze filled with ugly division and disgusting politics.

You gave me courage when I needed it, too.

I know you weren’t perfect, but I also know the information was the best you knew when you knew it. You would never purposely and out of ego mislead me. You would do your best to lead my actions during COVID-19, display the highest moral compass, and sustain a work ethic that glowed with energy and agelessness.

You also withstood public threats from people who wanted to do you, your wife, and your children harm. By harm, I mean death, killing, murder. You were willing to step into the fire for us and for the highest good of public service.

You sacrificed your well-being for us. Why? You believe in making a difference in the world, and you don’t care if you receive praise, or if you have to fight unwavering obstacles. You did what you thought was right, and you did it well.

You are a gentle man and a gentleman. Even when members of Congress challenged you, you lived the saying, “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.” You didn’t back down. The New Yorker in you came out.

You raised your voice and spoke your truth firmly, clearly, and effectively. Yet, even when you raised your voice, Dr. Fauci, I could always feel your open heart of love, caring, compassion, empathy, mindfulness, and forgiveness.

You stood up for truth. It may have been an imperfect truth, but it was never deliberately created, and it was never “fake news.”

I am deeply grateful to you, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, not only for your scientific expertise but for your calm presence amid all the chaos.

What did I learn from listening to and watching you for the last three years?

1. Stay the course. Even when there are naysayers, stay the course.

2. Embody dignity.

3. Embody integrity.

4. Embody grace.

5. Character, values, ethics, and manners matter.

6. Be the highest version of yourself, and as Michele Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.” That’s what you did, Dr. Fauci. You took the high road.

7. Stay calm, centered, mindful, and authentic. Be you. The best you.

8. Embody the essence of Dr. Fauci’s persistence, courage, bravery, strength, willpower, energy, and determination.

9. Continue to do all you can to make a positive difference in the world.

10. There is no age cut-off to creating a new story for humanity.

11. Be kind.

Thank you, Dr. Fauci, thank you. I was guided through an impossible situation, and you were my guiding light of love, inner peace, and hope. Thank you for taking the high road.

I am grateful for all you did and for who you are. A beautiful human being with a beautiful soul. You are irreplaceable and will forever be my inner mentor in how to live my life.

With love and gratefulness from my heart to yours,

Melody (and many more human beings besides me)


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