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July 24, 2022

Dating a woke woman

Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.

What is it like for modern men to date a woke woman? She doesn’t let things be swept under the rug for long. Things are spoken about because that’s how you keep your house tidy. She’ll guide you to vulnerability and then sit there with you as long as you’re willing to be there, in the depths of the real. Woke women don’t scare easy because they aren’t scared of their own shadow so they see the men’s shadow like an unfiltered beast that is still finding it’s center. Woke women nudge them to wake up and holster it, not to suppress it or to cast it away. Rather, to bravely define and create the definitions of space that the beast lives within. Woke women don’t scale back their power or voice because of old generational stories on women’s roles, cultural norms or media depictions. They are willing to carve out a space that is authentic and raw and real because that’s how their own beast unfolds and is proudly centred. Polished edges and fluffed doormats don’t define a woke woman; nurturing roles of submissiveness are traded for nurturing love that rests in solace that we get to CREATE every single day. We create beauty for you (and all) because a woke woman is tapped into the creative flow of life. We create beauty because that’s what we do. If modern men don’t truly love themselves this beauty being channeled will scare them and so it beckons for the man to uncover himself more: his self doubts, his scars, his wounds that surely surface. Modern men that have become comfortable disconnecting from parts of themselves will eventually hit a crossroads where they are asked to either surrender to what living an authentic life is or run off in the distance with the rest of social disdain, emotional fragility, and escapism. Woke women arent easy to date because of the powerful mirroring they naturally are to the modern man. The mirror is larger, & clearer because she is alive within herself and her heart shines a light he may not be ready for. The bright light peers into the depths of his soul he’s been hiding from, or hasn’t made a home in. For the modern man who has chosen to walk with a woke woman, it’s a long journey, that if committed to, will yield the most powerful results. At the apex of his journey, the modern man realizes he too is that same source of creative beauty and he too is worthy of it.

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