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July 15, 2022

Four Reasons NOT to Pursue a Career in Energy Healing – And Why You Should Start Now Anyway

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As we are going through unprecedented times, so many more people are awakening to a deeper spiritual knowing in their lives. This is a fated time to be alive.

Although there is so much uncertainty, the uncertainty is what is required for this process of awakening so many more people. We are also witnessing many of these people shifting their careers.

In my practice, I have seen an upsurge of potential students to learn feng shui over these last three years. And many of my colleagues say the same: people want to learn feng shui and other energy healing modalities.

This is great, however, not everyone who seeks to be an energy healer should be one. Or, this path may be fated for their future, but not now.

If you are one of those people that feel called to learn an alternative healing modality, such as feng shui, reiki, dowser, or a spiritual guide, I suggest that you consider these points before you invest in training and set up shop.

  1. Doing the inner work

First, in order to help others with their spiritual growth you must be committed to your own inner growth. If you haven’t worked through your own stuff, how can you be of service to others? But even more importantly, if you have done “shadow” work (that is, recognizing that what you dislike around you is really a reflection of something inside of you that you don’t acknowledge) and you think you are done and good, well, you aren’t ready to be a healer.

Healers understand that this inner work on their shadow is for life. We are never “done” with the hard reflection on our thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes towards others.

How to know you have more to do? If you find yourself judgmental and critical of others (don’t we all, at times?), lacking compassion for self and/or others, if you find that you aren’t able to be vulnerable with others, in essence, if you’re unable to have an open heart, then you are not ready to do this work.

  1. Your motivation

If your true motivation to do this work is to be of service to others while following what you feel is your authentic path, then this is great. However, if you feel that you can make a quick buck by shifting to this career, you are on the wrong track.

Yes, there are people who can make a substantial living from doing this work, however, for the most part, it takes years to build a following, a reputation, and job security (if that is possible).

If you are truly are motivated to make money for rent, this is probably not the best career option for you. If you can do some other work to pay your major bills while building this new career on the side, then this could work for you.

I do believe that if you are truly called to be a healer, the universe will help you find a way. That doesn’t mean that you be handed tons of clients right away, but there will be opportunities for you to earn your keep, even if it isn’t in doing healing work, at first.

  1. Accepting that you won’t be a master

Being a master at healing requires lots of experience and diligent inner work. In the realm of esoteric studies, unfortunately, the process of learning is continual. As long as you don’t mind being a “forever student” then this can be quite exhilarating (I am a professed student, as well!)

Of course, in marketing our services, we may refer ourselves to being an “expert” (I have done this with a bit of trepidation), but an expert is not a master.

Getting the label of “master” is reserved for students of the teacher. And even when some of my students have referred to me as a “master” I quickly correct them. Even if they think that I am a “master,” I know in my heart of hearts that I have so much more to learn, every day.

To be humbled by the continual learning process is to be a true healer, mentor, and teacher.

  1. Flexibility

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is your flexibility. One of my master teachers (yes, she deserves this label), Katherine Metz, has reminded me of the true goal of feng shui, and I would also add, any healing modality. That is, to develop flexible chi.

Flexibility is to allow the experiences of life to come in and out, like the tides, while retaining our balance and harmony. This is really hard! And I’m not sure many of us have attained this. But just striving for it, in every situation, during every day of our lives, is the goal.

Being flexible allows us to change our view of the world, of our global situations as well as personal ones. Are you able to see experiences from different vantage points? Are you able to feel compassion for yourself and others (again, the heart chakra)?

And, it goes without saying, that in order to become an entrepreneur (which is what you will be), you need to have confidence, commitment, passion, and perseverance.

So why should you STILL pursue a new career in energy healing?

It sounds rather daunting, doesn’t it? But I want to press upon you the importance of all who are called to do this work, actually DO IT!

If you’ve read through this blog and feel, no, I’m not able to do this work, then consider why you are in this space. Why did this opportunity come to you? Why have you been sparked to follow this path?

Perhaps it’s because this is what you do need to do for your soul’s growth, and hopefully these points above are giving you an outline of what you need to commit to in order to do this work.

Confirm that you are committed to your own personal growth. Check in with your motivations and see that you are aligned with the highest light in your pursuit. Accept that you will be forever learning and be humble to those experiences. And commit to being flexible in your view of the world.

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