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July 17, 2022

Punishment and Tears of Life

Photo by imustbedead on Pexels.

 Your emotions, running through your entire body. Tears, overflowing the river banks. The heart, being ripped from your chest, thrown down and torn into millions of pieces. Your soul and heart becomes so shallow and hollow with so much emptiness. The intensifying hurt and pain of a broken heart. Feeling like millions of needles, being shoved into every inch of your body.

The lightening strikes, throwing heavy powerful electricity shock, through your entire body, causing the bleeding heart and throbbing pain to rapture.

Thinking to yourself, will this massive massacre of feelings, ever come to an end.

Throwing yourself, into the flaming fire, with no hesitation. Unaware how extreme, the fire and flames temperature might be. Scorching the hair on your body, blistering and bubbling of the skin, feeling the boiling heat through your body. Feels like, the blood through your body going to explode, to the outer surface.

Running towards, the dark deep sea, diving into the cold. Feeling the freezing cold sea water, through your body. Your muscles cramping and intensively tightening up. Your body becoming motionless, barely moving with no movements. Catching your breath, sinking to the bottom of the deep dark sea, with no strength within yourself, to bring yourself above the heavy currents. Drowning the sorrows within yourself. 

the heart and soul, from the life of the unpredictable experiences, of pain and hurt that are thrown, by others with the sharp daggers.

Written By: Deanna M Jones Hartley

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