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July 24, 2022

Rules are meant to be broken

Photo by Flora Westbrook on Pexels.

the stress of life fades into fog every time you grab my hand

Earth has no boundary

When geography

Becomes only a map in books

Because you are here

In front of me


time and place melt into conversation

And your warm eyes look deep into me

and, in turn,

the rush of color

From my blushing cheeks

Cause me to turn away


Every time

I forget how powerful it is

Your soul

that makes me smile

When I realize

I don’t need you

But I want you

Over and over

to write the remaining pages of my story

When I remember

In epiphany

that I broke my own cardinal rule

Of never being vulnerable again


I tell my heart

Rules are meant to be broken

And in that moment




I know I am smitten

cherish it

love it

build it up

and soak it in

For there are no words that truly express what you mean


What “epic” question you ask of me

In my


The only thing I’m certain of


you are the answer

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