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July 24, 2022

That is why I smile bittersweet when winter comes

Photo by Lisa on Pexels.

To attempt a description of how two hearts fall in love would be to try and dissect a snowflake only to falter terribly

in an effort to repair it to its original fallen shape



Simply because

like the perfection of each lacy frozen flake

every love is unique

miraculous even

Not to be dissected

Just adored

Cherished as the gift it is

serendipitous in its beginning

Drawn together by raw chemistry

Creating a beautiful blanket

That draws you in

But just as easily melted away

Or Trampled underfoot

To soak deep into the earth Forgotten

Left with the memory of its shape

It’s taste on your tongue

It’s feel against your skin

And the thought of how it made you smile

simply at the sight of it






rising with the heat

To fall once more

when the heart of the cloud

is so full

it can no longer hold itself together

Without fear


In another place

At Another time

Into another serendipitous beginning

The magic of love

Is Like snow falling

And that is why I smile


when winter comes

Anticipating the miraculous

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