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August 23, 2022

6 Game-Changing Ways to Have a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

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The idea of social media was simple. We can log on to our social media accounts to post statuses and keep in touch with our friends. Now social media is more powerful than ever. We can promote our businesses, become influencers, and even lose sight of reality.

If we are not careful, social media can become a big distraction in our lives. It can affect us mentally and physically. We may ask ourselves how much social media is healthy.

When I started on social media back when Myspace was popular, things were much simpler. I just logged on to my Myspace, added music to my profile, and talked to my friends. Over the years, I had gotten too attached to social media. Social media would be my morning coffee and my night light before I went to bed.

If you find that social media is taking over your life, here are 6 game-changing ways to have a healthy relationship with social media:

Have a Life Outside of Social Media.

I have to admit that I started to stay at home and go on social media to check the statuses of my favorite influencers and watch TikTok videos. I work from home, so getting caught up in other people’s lives was so easy.

I soon realized I had to create a life outside of social media. I joined a coworking space and went to meetups to hang out with people on the weekends. We will not lose sight of reality when we have things to do outside of social media.

I learned that it was important to remember my identity and realize that life is worth living in the moment.

Don’t Compare Yourselves to Others.

If I was having a bad day, the one thing that could make it worse was logging on to my Facebook and seeing one of my old classmates getting married or having kids. Seeing people post about their success and achievements can make us feel like our life is dull compared to others.

It is important to remember that there is more to someone’s life than just a picture or story online.

The people that we often admire online could be struggling with the same problems we all struggle with. When I am feeling down on myself because of other people’s posts, I use them as inspiration.

It encourages me to work on my own goals instead of thinking about how my life compares to theirs.

Think Before You Post

There has been plenty of times when I had made a status out of sadness or anger and immediately erased it. We should consider spreading positivity when we make a post online. I have learned to make my social media a place where I will write encouraging posts to lift someone’s spirit.

Instead of writing a negative post when something happens in my life, I channel those feelings into doing yoga, writing in my journal, or talking to a close friend.

Take a Break from Social Media

Our relationship with social media can become addicting, so it is important to do a social media detox from time to time. Every once in a while, I like to take a 21-day break from all social media websites. I will uninstall all of my social media apps and do some things that will keep me busy.

We Should Take Care of Our Mental Health

Sometimes all we need is to go for a good walk or do something for someone else to uplift our mood instead of going online. When I need to have a mental health day, I make sure that I do something else to make me feel better instead of posting about it online.

If seeing constant posts about what is going on in the world or online arguments makes you stressed, try to turn off your notifications and only check them manually.

Stay on a Schedule

Balance is the main key to having a healthy relationship with social media. I set aside a time when I check my social media and surf the web. Then I have times when I log off, so I won’t hear any notifications. Instead of using my phone for an alarm in the morning, I use a regular clock, so I won’t be tempted to check my Facebook or Tiktok.

Try putting yourself on a schedule to control the time you spend on social media by spending time with your friends and family.

Being on social media can be a rewarding experience if we have a healthy relationship with social media. These tips will help you create a balance in your life and healthy social media habits. It worked for me, and I am confident that these game-changing ways to have a healthy relationship with social media will work for you.

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