August 30, 2022

Dark Brandon Rising: No Malarkey. A Momentary Compilation of Momentous Goodness.

Most of the below comments/links/videos are from here. 

“I’m actually surprised at how much he got done.

I saw the Senate with 50/50 after the election and immediately thought that nothing would happen.”


“The Inflation Reduction Act was a huge turning point for me. Unlike the American Rescue Plan and the bipartisan infrastructure bill this will reshape the American economy and make it a driving force for the 21st century.

If you think I am exaggerating here’s a pretty good breakdown of the climate aspect of the Inflation Reduction Act.”


“This is why liberals/Democrats have it right. You shouldn’t be fanatic about your leadership. You should be suspicious of those in power and hold them to high standards and be able to criticize them (within reason, with purpose and intent, not just to be angry) and constantly be skeptical. Anything else is how we get into fascistic power. Authoritarianism relies on unconditional obsession of a person (which can manifest itself as both love and fear) so that the people follow blindly when the leaders acts, for better or worse. Democracy relies on skepticism of a people so that the person can gauge whether they’re being heard when a leader acts, for better or worse.

Right now, we feel heard by Biden. However, it doesn’t free him from continued skepticism and criticism, and he knows and expects it. That’s a good leader. There’s no such thing as a perfect leader because people aren’t a monolith.

I think people have been underestimating him. He’s been a politician all his life. He knows how to play the game. Get Afghanistan out of the way early, then score multiple wins right before the midterms. Republicans fell asleep on Sleepy Joe and he patiently waited until the right time to pay them back for that.”

“You’re absolutely right, but this is how the Democrats can get in trouble. When all the D’s don’t vote together because they have a difference of opinion (rightfully so), the R’s get away with a lot of things. This has happened time and again when we’ve had a slight majority. However, when the R’s have majority, they vote together all the way, whether they agree/disagree, and thus R’s get their way 100% of the time when they’ve got control in government. I’m not saying what the R’s are doing is right, it’s absolutely not, but you can’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Until the R’s play fairly, we have to use their tactics and band as one, at least till this absurdly crazy Trump wave is (hopefully) over and the Dems can turn this country around to some sense of sanity.”

“It’s so nice to not worry what the hell the president tweeted at 3:00 am when you wake up.”


“Only thing I cared about in 2020 was getting rid of Trump. He did that and I am grateful to him. Possibly saved our democracy. Can you imagine a Trump second term? Everything else and we’re free rolling at this point. He has my vote in 2024”

If he’s the candidate in 2024, I will vote for him. But he would be 83-86 for a second term, and that is just dangerously old to be running a nation. Especially one as large as ours. That is not ageism. There is literally no other job that has those kind of stakes for failure, where a person would not be pushed into retirement at that age. It’s not about judging him, it’s about the fact that in your 80’s is when mental faculties really slip for people.

Trump is no better age wise (and a lot worse in every other way), but I fear what an opponent like DeSantis can do. We need someone young and politically agile in 2024, because it’s looking more and more like DeSantis, not Trump will be the candidate then.

And I am nowhere near as confident in Biden’s ability to beat DeSantis as his ability to beat Trump again.”


“It’s one of those situations where perfection is the enemy of progress. A further left president who set bigger goals would have been stopped dead in their tracks and not achieved anything. Pretty much any major changes that need to get through the Senate are impossible. Biden set smaller, more realistic goals that were within his power and actually delivered.”


“I think the bigger concern with Democrats who aren’t passionate about Biden isn’t that they’ll suddenly start voting for Republicans, but that they’ll stop voting at all.”

“I’ve actually changed my mind, I used to kind of dislike Joe Biden till he got all those things passed. Like the VA healthcare bill, or the student relief. Now he’s basically calling out the Republican Party for their fascism. If he keeps going like this he’s gonna go down as one of the best presidents in the last 20 years.”

“Honestly I came around on him when he made the decision to get out of Afghanistan. The media flayed him, but he committed to that track knowing it was going to be painful and he’d be heavily criticized for it. Getting out of that quagmire was the right thing to do that short sighted poll minded presidents have neglected doing for a long time. I respect the commitment to doing the difficult task knowing it would be extremely unpopular, and it ultimately got ~120,000 refugees evacuated before the country fell. I think we’ll largely look back on this presidency with respect.”

“He has an 81% approval rating among Democrats.”

There’s a difference between not being enthusiastic about Biden and not supporting him. I don’t think he’s going to push for some of the long-term policies I want before his term ends, but there’s enough mopping up after the former guy to do that I don’t think even a more progressive president would be able to get those passed in the next two years, either. And I have to admit, Biden’s doing a solid job of mopping up.

For me it was his mocking of Trump’s defense. “I declassified everything in the world! I’m president, I can do anything!”

“C’mon!” lol

Just for comparison, his approval right now is higher compared to Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton and Reagan in August before the midterms

Oh wait so these numbers are up even before the loan forgiveness?? That’s a pretty good sign

Biden is an exceptional President. In addition to keeping a campaign pledge, Biden has accomplished stunning victories for working class Americans and Mother Earth through the Infrastructure bill, Inflation Reduction Act and Chips and Science Act. This is despite Republicans’ best efforts to block anything that would have a meaningful impact on Americans.

On Election Day, remember that every single Republican voted No on expanding Medicare benefits, on helping reduce climate change. Republicans want to require a vote every five years just to keep your Medicare and Social Security benefits. This is no joke.

Republicans voted No on codifying Roe v Wade, No on right to birth control, No on same sex marriage, No on (insert privacy, freedom issue here). One party wants to improve the quality of life for Americans. And one party wants to block anything that has a meaningful positive impact on Americans. Vote Democrat every time.


He’s also been masterful on Ukraine and Russia

I don’t even want to think how that situation would look now if Trump had won. He would have delivered Ukraine on a silver platter

Good chance the US wouldn’t be in NATO anymore at all.

Trump would have sent troops in to help Russia and would have pushed Putin’s “fighting the Nazis” lie.

Imagine Trump trying to deal with ending the Covid pandemic. Wait, we don’t have to imagine. It would be still raging with millions more dead.

What about Ukraine? There would have been little fighting. Trump would have given Ukraine to Putin, his friend.

The real question is how much would he have needed to care, if it were his second term with no possibility for reelection? The idea of Trump no longer “holding back” because he doesn’t need to appease potential voters anymore is terrifying.

You think he intended to step down after his second term?

I’ve seen people say he only forgave some student loan debt to get people to vote for him/democrats in the midterms. As if it’s scandalous.

Like…yea? That’s how this is supposed to work: elected officials do things for the people and the people vote for them.

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