September 13, 2022

An “Earthing” Recipe for bringing Wellness into your Fall Morning Routine in a whole New Way. {Recipe}

This post is written in partnership with FLVC, a woman-led business bringing us fulvic acid—an organic compound that promotes healthy mind, body, and soul—so that we can contribute as healthy beings in our communities. We’re honored to work with them. ~ ed. 

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Everyone’s talking about this new “f-word,” but is it worth the hype?

Clearly, we’re not talking about the oh-so-popular F-word that so many of us love to throw about.

F this, and F that and F you. And also, no Fs given. You know—not that “bomb” one.

The F-word we’re talkin’ about here today is fulvic acid—and that’s how the feet-on-the-ground folks at FLVC pronounce their name—’cause this acidic, black, earthy goodness is their game.

But what in the actual F-word is it?

Fulvic acid is an organic compound found naturally in the earth’s soil, and it gives you all the things you didn’t even know you were missing from your imbalanced system.

So, in simple terms, a depleted soil is a depleted you.

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We need fulvic acid in our lives because the foods we are eating these days are anywhere between 26 and 60 percent less nutritious than the foods our grandparents ate 70 years ago.

This recipe is ful(vic) of replenishment (one more at the bottom):

According to experts, nutrient decline, is likely to leave our bodies with fewer of the components we need to fight against chronic diseases, and it’s definitely going to undercut the value of food as preventive medicine (1).

So, while we may have heard of “earthing” as a way to recharge with the planet’s magnetic field, or that digging in the garden can be as nourishing as the eating of the actual veggies, neither of those remedies might be as replenishing to our bodies as we once thought, thanks to the degradation of our soil.

We can thank “advances” in farming technology that aim to speed up the growing process for that.

Oh, the joys of modernity (aka capitalism)!

In a world where the need for speed seems to outweigh the need for nutrients, that’s why FLVC is sourcing fulvic acid from a Canadian deposit of fulvic materials, extracting it using clean technology, and bottling it up for us. It’s like a home garden in a jar meant to be consumed dropper by dropper or scoop by tiny scoop—a little “black magic,” if you will.

You could say that we need to go “Back to Black,” so to speak, when it comes to our soil & our supplemental nutrition. So, let’s look at some of the reasons you should probably toss some of this glittering charcoal-colored goodness into your water bottle (or the recipes found below) ASAP.

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Cup of Couple/Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-holding-soil-with-a-green-plant-6963530/

We’ll start with the heart-felt reasons.

Woman owned and operated, FLVC is partnered with a Canadian supplier that uses a physical rather than chemical process to extract its fulvic acid, which lends to FLVC being the purest product of its kind in the market. It’s got superior texture and the highest concentration of humic and fulvic acid available out there.

Even cooler, all extraction, production, quality analysis, and fulfillment takes place in FLVC founder Georgia Martinez’s Canadian town.

If the local, female-owned vibe isn’t enough to get those feel-good vibes going…

Here’re 4 other reasons FLVC is a liquid farm-acy you need to visit daily:

1. It helps you detox.

Fulvic acid is the component that makes our soil super dark and packs it deliciously full with all the good stuff we need to grow strong, balanced, and healthy. It can basically replace your everyday probiotic and help to balance your gut health with all its lovely bioavailable compounds (2).

Research also shows that fulvic acid has the ability to attract electrolytes and other trace minerals to transport nutrients throughout the body, and better absorb them (2). Combine that with the fact that it can bind to and eliminate toxins like heavy metals from the body, and you’ve got yourself a darn powerful detox ally.

I first felt the detoxifying effects when I got sick at the beginning of the summer. I had a fever, my bones ached, and I was completely devoid of energy. I’d just received my FLVC order of what we’ll call their “crisis” powder, and their daily tonic, and it felt rather kismet. I needed support and I knew it.

I’ll tell you what: I felt the difference within several hours of my first (large) container of water using FLVC’s powder. What I hope to feel when drinking coconut water, I actually felt when drinking FLVC. I felt quenced. I began to feel my body relax into the battle with whatever bug it was fighting, and the one day I didn’t take FLVC when ill, I felt a little more under the weather than like I was winning the war.

The difference was subtle, but noticeable enough that it kept me reaching for more.

2. It helps decrease inflammation & pain.

When it comes to aching joints and skin issues, inflammation doesn’t even stand a chance—because when we add fulvic acid into our diets, there’s not even a fight.

Fulvic acid is known to reduce the oxidative stress that occurs within our bodies on a cellular level and can cause a whole host of issues—including pain, and that’s where FLVC is helpful.

Studies suggest that fulvic acid can actually act in a similar manner to NSAIDs when it comes to the reduction of pain-causing inflammation (4).

Lena Glukhova/Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-with-bandage-and-flowers-on-face-8993698/

3. It reduces brain fog & combats fatigue.

Some studies are beginning to suggest that fulvic acid has neuroprotective properties that help prevent some of the key processes that are responsible for the onset of Altzheimer’s disease and cognitive degeneration.

Translation, preliminary studies are showing that fulvic acid has huge potential to keep us mentally sharp—and I can attest to this.

When I drizzle a couple of droppers of FLVC tonic into my water and drink, it feels as if I’ve had a half-caf coffee without the buzz. My attention homes in on the task at hand, and any mental fog that was present seems to lift. It’s become a go-to in times of cognitive distress or mental taxation (and it’s only not an actual daily ritual for me yet because I suck at establishing structure in my life).

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4. It eases skin issues & promotes anti-aging.

FLVC helps to enhance that natural beauty of yours through lending your system some extra support.

Fulvic acid neutralizes inflammation through helping our bodies better absorb the nutrients we need to keep our bodies going strong (2). It’s a lengthy chain effect that begins in the gut, which, when out of whack, is closely linked to inflammation of the skin and can lead to breakouts.

As we’ve already gone over, FLVC’s properties of detoxification help to fight inflammation (3), which means it helps your complexion. And because it has antioxidative qualities, it can promote a more youthful glow.

When we get right down to it, FLVC might just be one of the best ways to “ground” ourselves in the chaos of today’s hectic daily living.

When we plunge FLVC’s glittering, charcoal-colored powder into our water bottle and watch it transform into a dark caramel brown, we know we’re sure to get exactly what we’re missing in today’s modern society. When we take FLVC’s tonic on a daily basis, we begin to really feel, see, and maintain its many benefits.

So, what’s it going to be? Finding a plot of land that might not exist anywhere near you and getting down and literally dirty for your health, or drinking some pretty water full of the good stuff extracted so that you wouldn’t have to?

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be sipping (and nibbling) pretty, over here.

Sip pretty and support your system with FLVC Powder (it’s literally glittery). Take 15% OFF with code FLVC15 >>


Exactly how to Sip & Snack with FLVC’s humic + fulvic acid.

1. FLVC Tonic

Drop this in the drink recipe in the next slides.
The FLVC Tonic dissolves in water or your drink of choice (without stirring) and is perfect for maintaining overall health. Completely tasteless, the tonic is a perfect addition to your daily routine. Sip in health with 15% OFF using code FLVC15.
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